Cashing in and Putting Everyone at Risk

The You Tube delight of the week is a mother of two siblings who had their wisdom teeth removed on the same day. The teens are videotaped for ten full minutes while they talk about swords being put in their arms, and other bits of non-reality brought on by anesthesia.

At one minute in to the video, the mother says, “I’m trying to drive”.

REALLY? You’re trying to DRIVE?

This lady is my worst nightmare, with three tons of steel under her she is videotaping her children and careening through your town. I get that she’s a military wife, and her husband would like to see this, but at some point you’ve got to think, “I’m putting an entire community at risk. I’m a danger on the road. Maybe I can PULL THE CAR OVER.”

Sadly, their behavior was rewarded with a trip to Disneyland. Let’s hope Ellen provides car service.

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  • Holy crap, it’s not even just that one video (which is bad enough since it’s 10 mins long) but there’s several more form the same day!

    • Yep. A menace, but Ellen and Disney are putting her up for sainthood.

  • I am so with you on this

    I see people rewarded for the wrong things all the time – it’s really frustrating.