The Kids Win. Sort of #AmazonFail

I just hung up the phone with Amazon, when I’d given them the AIN number B0049U4CF6, the lady got overly nice and said, “we have stopped selling this electronic book.” She went on to say things like, “We are working on ways to get the whole thing off our site.” and I got lightheaded and giddy when she said, “Rest assured nothing like this will happen again.”

So here I am back to loving Amazon when someone sends me this page marked “preteen”

Don’t look if you have a daughter my age. It’s hard to see the Internet through tears.

I suppose much like Facebook, Amazon is a site I will continue to use, but not trust.

If you want to buy a nice book, I’ve written a chapter in one. Buy two, one for you, and one for a friend.

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