I Felt Pretty, Sexy Even

I ran all over town wearing my fabulous new boots, and a pair of jeans.

I had a little swagger in my step, beause I knew I looked good. In fact, I caught a few men and one woman checking out my butt. I was pretty sure I was having a good butt day (which is way cooler than a good hair day).

I picked the kids up from school, feeling pretty darned good about myself, and when we got out of the car Jane just laughed and pointed.

True Religion Jeans With a Hole in the butt

Big hole, and I was wearing red underwear. Mercifully not awful thongs.

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  1. Your ass would have been really breeezy if youd had thongs on!

  2. Ha! I think it was still a good butt day. It reminds me of my grandmother’s advice to me when I had a run in my pantyhose right when a party was about to start: “Don’t go change! The run will make people look at your legs.”

  3. Well…They still could have been looking b/c it was a good butt day! ;)

  4. Oh! I thought that stuff only happened to me. But hey, who says it wasn’t a good butt day anyway!

  5. Jennifer

    That’s weird, my hubby came home earlier with a huge rip in the butt of his jeans, and he had red boxer shorts on! Freaky.

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