No Post Today

I had a post that I wanted to put up today, but it will wait until tomorrow.

Today I spent the morning feeling sorry for myself. I’m losing my hair. I’m not bald, not by a long shot. But my hair is falling out. It appears to be a side effect of the drugs for my RA.

I used to wrap a ponytail holder around my hair twice with no extra space. Now I’m wrapping it three times. I spent the morning on the phone with the Doctor and then at midday my pity party was interrupted by the sounds of sirens.

Police sirens were everywhere for the better part of an hour. With most of the LAPD going to Woodland Hills where an LAUSD police officer was shot in the chest and an armed man was on the loose. It’s 5.30 pm and 9,000 kids are just leaving schools that were locked down all day.

I’m an incredibly selfish woman, because I’m still sitting here staring at my thinning hair and ordering Rogaine.

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