Stop Asking Me For Money

There’s something in the air. Everyone is asking for money for their charity.

I love giving to charity but I hate the way I’m asked.

I just left the grocery store, and as I was paying the clerk asked me if I would like more information about their blah blah blah program, “No thank you.” I replied, and she started in with all the benefits of their blah blah blah program.

I smiled at her, “No thank you.” And she made the move to put a pamphlet in my hand. I pulled my hand back as if she was handing me a ball of flames.

You see, I’ve just spent money at the market. I’m not there to give money away, I’m there to buy some sand dabs and flour. This isn’t the moment to ask.

The moment to ask is after you know that I’m interested. Watch Epic Change, and emulate them. Show the community how you will spend their money, and then ask for some to continue the good work. Be like Mark and raise hell on behalf of homeless people everywhere, and then ask for support. Throw money at research like Autism Speaks and then educate the hell out of America. I’ll support that.

Give something, and then ask me to be part of your giving.

Don’t assume that I care about your issues. Don’t presume that because we shop at the same grocery store we share the same value system. Don’t make the mistake of wrapping my dollars into your tax deductible donation. I’ll give more on my own, and I’ll take the tax break thank you very much.

Mostly I’d like non profits to stop asking for so much, and instead start showing me what you’re giving.

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