Testing Our Marriage

It’s been thirteen and a half years of marriage. We’ve had bumps in the road, but I’d say no bigger than a pebble. I’ve never really been annoyed with my husband for more than a few hours and from what I hear he looks at me and sees Snow White complete with songbirds and radiant light.

Every marriage deserves to be tested, right?

Tomorrow morning Mr. G. is having surgery on his shoulder. I love my husband and I’m really sad that he’s been in pain, and I’m anxious for him that he will be in pain, but there are other reasons for my concern.

If you’ve spent any time with me at all you’ve likely heard me utter the phrase: For better and for worse but never for lunch.

I enjoy my time alone. I’m not saying that I love Mondays when the kids go to school and my husband goes to work, because only an ungrateful terrible woman would admit to that. So I am definitely not saying┬áthat I love the solitude that a Monday offers. I’m not saying that I won’t even let the gardener come on Monday because I’m so happy to not speak to anyone for a full six hours. Only a hermit would say that. I’m not saying that I won’t schedule conference calls on a Monday because I’ve spent the past 48 hours dreaming of a house with just me and the dog, that would also be horrible. But you can surmise anything you like. There are things I simply wouldn’t say.

I love my husband, and I am truly looking forward to a few days shared with just him. I’m smiling here alone in my office just thinking about dropping the kids off to school and then having a few hours to lounge around with him. I’m already planning to cook less, relax more, and to treat this as a gift of time to spend with the man I love the most. The first week or two should be quite nice. I expect that he will be suckling pain killers and probably sleeping a lot the first few days.

The test will come when he needs to return to work with his right arm in a sling. He has a low slung sports car with a rather inconvenient gear shift (you can see it on the video below). Speaking of inconvenient, his office is not on the path to anywhere. In fact the house, school and office make a nice triangle, so I’ll be looking at spending approximately three hours a day in my car. If that won’t test a marriage I don’t know what will.

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