A Little Alone Time

Yesterday was a travel day and today was an adult day. I’m in New York City and my children are not. I got up early, had breakfast with a dear girlfriend and then took a stroll near the East River with Mr G. From there Mr G and I parted ways and I met another friend for lunch.

I meandered from midtown to downtown and treated myself to three hours of shopping where I ultimately bought nothing, because being anonymous in New York City in the springtime fed the parts of me that would otherwise require a silk blouse.

I’m relaxing a little now, and then I’ll be at Melanie’s book party before heading to Brooklyn for steak at Peter Luger’s.

There have been pangs of missing my children, and then there were pangs of missing my 20’s, but mostly I’m refreshed. If I don’t come home the 800 pound woman it will be a miracle. My idea of visiting New York is a march from one restaurant to another.


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