Dudley Moore, Salmon and Snails

My tenth birthday was special. I went first to Saks to get a Givenchy dress, red with blue piping, along with a pair of Cherokee wedges, and then a quick walk to Tipperary for a hair cut and blow dry. I felt really pretty. It was the spring of 1980.

My Dad and I went to Ma Maison where Wolf had made me a special dinner. The appetizer was escargot, but in a box, like a jack in the box only it was made of delicious buttery puff pastry that sopped up the buttery garlic sauce without getting soggy. If I close my eyes I can taste it now. My father sipped champagne and I had Perrier with grenadine from a champagne flute. There were appetizers, salads, and finally a beautiful whole poached salmon exquisitely wrapped in pastry dough, served with a dill sauce.

The man at the next table asked our waiter if he could please have the same dish for his dinner. The waiter was apologetic and a bit embarrassed to tell Dudley Moore that it wasn’t on the menu and wasn’t available to him.

At ten I acknowledged that I was an elitist, and I came to clearly understand the value of scarcity.

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  1. feefifoto

    Oh, what a special memory.

  2. Toohottotbling

    You have to be kidding!! What’s the point of telling the world that you were a very spoiled little girl??

    • Yes. For 12 hours I sure was.

      The other ten thousand days… notsomuch.

      • Dulcinea

        Maybe there is no “point” to telling the world of this memory…but it is a lovely memory for you and I enjoyed reading it. Does there have to be a point? You sure were spoiled on your tenth birthday and how fun that must have been!

  3. That is awesome!I love that. And I’m sure that was a special day to share with your Dad.I can just picture you are 10 sipping your Perrier with Grenadine in your Givenchy dress. We only live once and I don’t think there is one thing wrong with giving our kids special days.

  4. Shop with Me Mama

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your daddy :)

  5. That is awesome. Whatever happened to Dudley Moore? I know he was hot shiz in the 80’s!

  6. Becky

    That is one awesome tenth birthday story. And that dress! Rawr!

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