Winning the War on Vermin

You may or may not recall that although Junior is adorable and I do love him best, Sparky was actually recruited by us Gottliebs to win the war on vermin. For the most part Sparky has been useless, she does not love me, but she doesn’t dislike me. She’s a typical cat with me, aloof and busy shedding. With Alexander it’s a completely different story, for Alexander Sparky is all purrs and snuggles, she’s the perfect pet.

Last night Sparky became my favorite too. Watch her at work, and you can look for a cameo of Mr G.

About 45 seconds in you’ll hear Mr G saying, “Jess you gotta do something about this.” Um, I did. I put it on YouTube. Is there soemthing else I’m supposed to do?

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  1. What a great huntress she is. I adore cats. Just wish I wasn’t so horribly allergic to their fur.

  2. feefifoto

    What happened with the mouse? Did she get to keep it and maybe eat it?

  3. Ugh, I was cringing and hoping you would PICK IT UP! Get rid of it! Eek!

    But definitely, what a good kitty!

  4. OlneyGail

    That was hilarious. Go Sparky!

  5. My favorite line: “I’m going to bathe in a vat of Purell tonight.” hehehehe

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