About the Goldfish


Jane won two goldfish at a carnival this weekend.

My father kept them alive all day Sunday. Sparky would like to thank him for that, apparently they were delicious.

Cats eat Goldfish


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4 responses to “About the Goldfish”

  1. daisy says:

    Cats are like that. I hate carnivals that give out goldfish! If your cats don’t kill them.. you eventually will. ugh. It’s bad no matter what.

  2. Pater custos says:

    It’s good that we now have proof positive as to who is the caregiver, lover of life and overall protector versus the deceptive one who purrs, looks very cute and then dispatches life with the swirl of a raspy tongue.

    Clearly, your father did his part in his home , ably protecting the defenseless golden wee one’s. At your home ….. but ,enough said, Sparky’s satisfied look says it all..

  3. Katerina says:

    That is HILARIOUS!! Thank you for the open gaffaw belly laugh that filled up my whole kitchen 3 times!!

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