A Lot of Driving


My anniversary is around the corner and Mr G will be out of town. Jane went to her first sleep away camp Sunday afternoon and it’s spitting distance from the Mexican Border. So we decided to make it an anniversary trip.

The four of us went to San Diego and spent a weekend in obscene luxury. We left the hotel and drove another 45 minutes south to Imperial Beach and dropped Jane off for a week of surfing and and living in a tent and then Mr G, Alexander and I drove home. This morning Mr G left at 5am for his business trip.

Alexander and I will have a lot of PB&J sandwiches and see a few movies. I’ll also have to drive back down to Imperial Beach and pick Jane up on Friday. It’s just a lot of driving.

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  1. Sounds fun!  Waving to you from Barcelona! Maybe after the long drive you will need another weekend in obscene luxury? ;)

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