Dillon Rogers Jewelery Giveaway

If you watch Momversation the chances are pretty good that you’ve seen me talking (like a good Jewish Mother) with my hands quite a bit. If you care about jewelery you’ve probably also noticed that I wear two pieces of jewelry: my wedding set and a wrap around leather bracelet that the folks at Dillon Rogers gave me quite a few years ago.

I love my bracelet and I know y’all do too because I get unsolicited compliments on it all the time. Dillon Rogers has a new line out where your child’s signature is featured, it’s really easy to create:

1. Have your child write their name with a new sharpie on a piece of paper.

2. Shoot picture of signature with mobile phone (more advanced users can scan signature)

3. Email or text photo to Dillon Rogers

One winner will get their choice of a signature necklace or bracelet (I’m a bracelet girl myself).


Enter using the widget below and spread the word

The fine print: this giveaway is open until June 7, 2011 7pm Pacific time for U.S. residents only. Entrants must have a valid address, and no P.O. Boxes will be accepted.

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  1. I’d definitely love this for myself. What a a really cool way to have your kids with you at all times. 

  2. Hmm, tricky. It says I have to *like* on Facebook for added entry, but only option above is to “skip” that step since I’m already a liker. I want as many entries as I can get…..LOVE this bracelet!!

    • you have a very active and engaged group of friends, I see a bunch of
      referral entries for you. :)

      • Ha! Or friends who just like to click when they see they can win something. I like your description better. ;)

  3. Just as an FYI: the widget isn’t showing up in IE….I tried it in Safari, which was fine.

  4. I would TOTALLY keep this for myself.

  5. Quick question – can we take a digital photo of the signature and email that? My phone doesn’t do pics – if all else fails I’ll steal Daddy’s iPhone…

    • yes, you certainly can, they just suggest a cell phone because for most
      folks it’s easier.

  6. Cassieboorn

    I would totally keep it :)

  7. Cassieboorn

    I would totally keep it :)

  8. Melanie B

    I would keep this!

  9. Cloud10277

    I would keep it for myself. 

  10. Wendy R.

    Aww, I would love to keep it!

  11. Debra Hall

    i would like to keep it

  12. Debra Hall

    im a facebook fan

  13. Hoa Le

    I would give this to my daughter.

  14. I’d keep this for myself for now and give to my child when they are older

  15. Purehrt555

    So cute, I would love this for my bestfriend

  16. I would love to have one for myself with my daughter’s handwriting on it!
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  17. I would keep this for myself, with my son’s artwork

    • I am already a fan of your FB page yet it is not letting me get the extra entry. Just FYI. :) This is a great giveaway though. I like the software. I’m testing out Rafflecopter which does almost the same thing. 

  18. Eaglesforjack

    I would pick the necklace for me too cute thanks for the chance eaglesforjack@gmail:disqus .com

  19. Anonymous

    i would give it away as a gift to my mother
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  20. I like the bracelet and would do daddy’s card/letter signature for us kids.  It would mean so much to all of us.

  21. I would give this to one of my son’s, which one, I’m not sure!

  22. Chazvgo

    Id keep this for myself :)

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