Please Pass the Eyeglasses

A few months ago my Rheumatologist added Plaquenil to my drug cocktail. Before beginning Plaquenil you have to get an eye exam where they do some sort of baseline measurement of your peripheral vision. I went to UCLA and filled out the necessary paperwork while waiting to be seen. There was a little box that asked when my last eye exam was. I left it blank. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had an eye exam.

The doctor was a little surprised that I’d never had an exam and explained to me that in our early forties our eyes lose their round shape and begin to elongate, hence the need for “readers”. She said that it would probably happen for me within a year or two and that I shouldn’t be particularly surprised when I find that I need a set of readers.

Naturally I hurried home to tease my husband about his advanced age and elongated eyeballs. I figured the doctor was was a little off base on the old lady eyes and that I wouldn’t be wearing glasses any time soon.

Last week I was teasing Mr G once again about how terribly old he is. I put on his reading glasses so that I could further mock him, and I bent over to pick up my iPhone when something unbelievable happened. I realized I could see. Angry Birds Rio has a really detailed background, I thought it was a solid blue, uh, no there are ripples in those waves. When I put on the +1.25’s I could see. I ran to the mirror and took a good look at my skin and realized I was way past due for a facial.

I still haven’t dragged myself out of the house to buy a pair of magnifying readers, but I do borrow Mr. G’s. All of a sudden we’ve become that couple. The couple that’s so familiar with one another that I sit in bed, crack open a book and say, “Honey, can you please pass the glasses?”


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  1. I just had to put on my glasses before writing this! And what a difference it makes. It doesn’t help that I’m in front of the computer blogging, tweeting, reading, emailing, facebooking all day long.
    And I think it’s lovely you have that relationship with your husband :)

  2. I didn’t realize I needed glasses when I was a teen.  My science teacher pulled me aside before leaving class one day & said, “Can you see the board?”  I looked…Yeah, I can see it.  She sent me to the back of the room.  YEAH, I can still see it…And she said, “YEAH, and now you’re SQUINTING.”  Tell your parents to have your eyes checked, dear.  :)

    And the first time I walked out of the shop and everything was crisp & clear…I felt like my whole world had just become better & sharper.  I love getting my prescription updated.  I have an astigmatism & it means I’ll never see perfectly…not even with LASIK…and since I was 13 (I just turned 28) my eyesight has changed JUST ENOUGH to always need an upgrade every year.  It changes a lot when I’m pregnant.  I am pretty sure I’m legally blind at this point…I can’t function without my contacts in (and rarely my glasses). 

    I don’t mind wearing glasses…My mother has trifocals, though…and I make fun of her a lot.  ;)

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