1. I don't belong to a community, but I consider myself successful.

  2. I think the answer is yes, you can be successful without being part of a blogging community. But, what definition of success are we going by?

  3. To my personal view a community is always better door to enhance your blogging experience, so I Think yes

  4. I imagine it would make things more difficult without the support of others with a voice.

    But hardly impossible!

  5. Absolutely. Right niche, quality and frequency of your posting will build a community / followers around you.

  6. Gotcha +Jessica Gottlieb , I still think yes, success is possible…this coming from an optimist. But I think the support of a community could potentially be beneficial, however, that being said, I know 100's of people in blogging communities and they are not fiscally successful at all. As with anything in life, anything is possible, and there is no one way to gain success. Cheers!

  7. At what point are you considered a fiscal success? I think I need to find a blogging community to join… :D

  8. Well it is definitely my day job, a full time job – but I am not self-supporting yet.

  9. I can't speak for everyone but for me personally, I wouldn't be half as successful as I have been without the support, direction and education of the blogging community I've been apart of for 3 years.

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