And Now there’s a Little Bit of Incest from Rosemount High School

I’m uncomfortable with this in every way. This month brought us Boardwalk Emprire and some Oedipal Action and now from Rosemount High School in Minnesota we have this.

Selected high school sports captains were blindfolded and kissed… by their parents. There was ass grabbing and talk of “luscious lips”. I’m unclear on how the administration thought this was a good idea, what the parents were thinking and how many years of therapy each child will require.


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  1. Anonymous

    I just fell down and died. I think I’ll be needing to talk to MY therapist about this. Gag.

    • Did you get a glimpse of the mom putting her son’s hand on her ass?

      • Anonymous

        Or how the first dad in line basically shoves his tongue down his daughter’s throat, endearingly no less. I mean, as sexy as a father should be when playing tonsil hockey with his high school aged daughter in front of her peers. This whole idea completely creeps me out.

  2. Leah Segedie

    That was completely disturbing

  3. This is a form of “child abuse” in my opinion.

  4. LoveFeast Table

    This unfortunately happened literally down the road from where I live.
    It does get a little cold here in the tundra but really — no need to warm things up this way!  Also as a former teacher and a parent ~ I cannot see how this got the OK! ~Chris Ann

    • There are a lot of adults with bad judgement. Remarkably they’re all together down the road from you.

  5. What the hell? that is insane!  If it were Michael Pitt I might be able to understand…

  6. I don’t really understand how and WHY this happened! Who thought this was a good idea? What was the point?!

    • according to the principal they did the same thing last year only there was no tongue or grinding.

  7. BB

    Fucking gross. I can’t even fathom.

  8. That was crazy and disturbing. Did any of the parents refuse to suck face with their kids? I can’t even imagine being asked to do that.

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