After many years of blogging I’ve discovered what has to be my favorite blog of all time January. When I was searching for a post about the most recent mom blogger “raise money dubiously” broohaha I found a post titled Woman Live Tweets As Her Home Burns.

I’m reading it and I’m nodding and I’m looking at the screen grabs and I’m wondering how she tweeted via the web? Then I start to wonder why she tweeted and I really do understand that. I’d totally tweet a house fire. Judge me. You should.

What does make me a little crazy is the need to raise $10,000 for people who are clearly fiscally irresponsible. Rent a house, get renters insurance. When I was 21 I was burgled and my renters insurance paid for everything. Let that sink in please, I was twenty one years old and I had renters insurance. It’s called fiscal fucking responsibility.

Is it sad that someone lost their rental home? Absolutely devastating. Is it appropriate for friends and family to help out? Yes. Should strangers on the internet give massive amounts of money to people who have a limited understanding of how to manage money? You make that call.

I give and I give freely to registered charities. Not all are created equal and I’ve decided to not give money to organizations who have gala balls and overpaid C level executives. I don’t give to strangers on the internet.

  • Remember the mom blogger who didn’t actually HAVE a baby?
  • There’s the inevitable giveaway scam.
  • Of course there’s always the local grifter mom who fooled everyone and may or may not land herself in prison in a few weeks.
  • How is paypal donated money spent? Did you just buy someone a mani-pedi?


I’m not saying that the Bielanko family doesn’t need or appreciate the ten thousand dollars that strangers gave them. They aren’t bad people (though they are clearly bad fiscal planners. Who renovates a house they are renting?), they’re just the most recent example of good intent gone wrong. I’m just asking if that’s a wise way to give money? I’m pretty sure that the Bellefonte Police Chief Shawn Weaver could use a few pennies as he’s the one who is going to suffer the real financial hardship.

I understand that blogging feels like a community and people feel like your friends. I love meeting people at conferences and I love reading their blogs.

I don’t love allocating my family’s resources to someone who is totally unaccountable. I used to be the blogger that would be unafraid to say this is dumb. I’m back to that. Thanks Alice for the inspiration.

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