Chevy, Twinkies and Cockroaches?


I hate the Chevy and Ford rivalry. I mean everyone knows that I’m polyamorous when it comes to automobiles. I love them all.

This Super Bowl Commercial makes me giggle. It’s a fantastic concept but it takes a hard swipe at Ford and features Hostess Twinkies.

GM and Hostess have something in common, right? Bankruptcy anyone?

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4 responses to “Chevy, Twinkies and Cockroaches?”

  1. I was kind of feeling it in the beginning, but they lost me with the dialogue at the end.

  2. Katie says:

    I didn’t like the Ford jab they took, however I took the Twinkies to be a reference to Zombieland. 

  3. ZackZ says:

    LOLZ on bankruptcy

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