Bishop TD Jakes and Oprah’s LifeClass in St. Louis

I’m here live blogging from Oprah’s Lifeclass and Bishop T.D. Jakes is talking about passion coming from pain.

“The losing of you was the discovery of me”.

He’s an incredibly dynamic speaker and I’m listening to him one by one give confidence and hope to an audience of thousands, not including the tens of thousands watching live on the internet and who knows how many who will see the show on OWN. In the span of about two minutes he had given accolades to every part of womanhood, from mothers to size 3’s, to curvy girls, grandmas and young girls. This is a man who knows his audience and how to massage them.

I’ve never been to a Southern Church, but I do feel like I’m in one now. He’s almost singing and he just gave a sermon that brought about a lot of “amen”’s and a deafening amount of cheering. I feel like an outsider looking in, but not an unwanted outsider.

When Jews have a seder it’s often said the table isn’t complete until there’s a guest. I feel like that guest.

Bishop Jakes is talking about living on purpose and about true wealth coming from having a passionate purpose filled life. It’s an incredible moment when Oprah takes the stage and seems dwarfed by his colossal presence.

Jakes’ message seems to be about trusting yourself. There are inmates skyped in from the Rockville Correctional Facility and he’s talking about their minds not being imprisoned. Oprah is looking to have lifeclass into the prison systems in order to lower recidivism rates.

Right now a woman named Keesha is talking about having adopted her nephew and not loving him. I’m floored and going to stop blogging so that I can watch this better.

This session (which I’m going to actually pay better attention to) seems to be meant for people who are beginning radical journeys. There are women (mostly) crying with relief about being able to take steps and find themselves and to head out on journeys.

Thus far it’s a wonderful message. I’m not sure that I feel imprisoned, stuck or in need of movement but I still feel inspired by this process.

Is this session going to change my life? Every action I take changes my life.

Is this session going to radically change someone’s life? Someone who is sitting in the room with me? Absolutely guaranteed.

Ooh… also, this morning I had a long chat with Ms. Winfrey and she told me she wanted my life… which left me speechless. But only for a short while.

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  1. I’ve never heard of TD Jakes (perhaps because I’m a mom from Minnesota?) but it sounds like you couldn’t experience a life change, even a small one, after being in his room and seeing what you’re seeing. 

  2. hi my name is laVerne cowart and i just watched the super soul sunday with devon and was so inspired and then came bisop jakes THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE! iwould like to tell you a little bit about myself i have been through alot in my life as i know we all have i was abused as a child and as an adult as it usuaaly goes but i have heard a calling from god through out my life and rebelled most of the time i was shot in the chest with a 9 milimeter and heard the drs.say we lost her and went in to panic moode thought why are they saying this to scare me and then knew in an instance i was dying.when they said contact her family knew i wasnt going to be with god!and called out to him from my heart and he saw fit to give me another chance but i was blowing that one to i lost my son 1 year to the day after i had lost my mom and was in a very dark place didnt know how to come out of that but took another wrong path that was drugs and it wasnt untill i was paralized from the waist down about 5 years ago that i knew god had allowed this to happen to me so that i wuld grow up  and get on board with him and i said an early morning prayer when iwas in a rehab and had a talk with god and praised him and had made up my mind that i would foolow him no matter what even if i had to be in that whhel chair the rest of my life i would be happy i was still alive and would share his grace with those that may be going through some of the things i had already gone through i have a passion to help others that are going through things and dont see away out and i feel that is my purpose here god tells us in his words to go into all the world an teach of his son and i feel that right here and our us of a our grandkids and kids are not getting the word and i would like to be apart of sharing it i want a better life for myself and for my grandkids i did not finish school and i heard a preacher say one time that he prayed that we could reach someone to help us come to be the whole person god mant for us to be im asking do you know someone that maybe able to help me put a book togeather that will help others ihave the experience in life i just need some one to help me put it into words of encourgement thanks for master cass and all the inspiring people you all have on air god bess td. jakes and devon and oprah for sharing there life with us to teach us and let us choose for our self who we want to be and who we want to serve and jesus was a man of service again thank you !


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