The One Where Sebastian Maniscalco Shows He’s a Hack (and then apologizes)

Earlier today one of my facebook friends shared this photo. [I’ve removed the photo and replaced it with Maniscalco’s apology, it was a photo of a woman who is clearly obese wearing a very short skirt and top that didn’t quite cover her stomach. It was clearly not a picture that she had posed for, she was enjoying a snack at an airport. Probably LAX.]


Sebastian Maniscalco apologizes


His friend Sebastian Maniscalco shared it earlier in the day.

The funny thing about Sebastian Maniscalco is that he is a stand up comic with more than 15,000 fans on facebook. Presumably Sebastian Maniscalco knows what is funny and what is not. We’re supposed to assume that because Sebastian Maniscalco is entertained by mocking complete strangers who are NOT public figures it’s an okay thing to do.

I’m going to go through a few possible scenarios that I’ve come up with in the hours since I saw this photo:

  • This woman has very little willpower and she has gained weight from her lifestyle, on a vacation to Los Angeles she felt sexy, bought a cute pink outfit and at the end of the trip a not very funny stand up comic treated her like garbage. I feel badly for her.
  • This woman used to weigh 400 pounds and has lost a tremendous amount of weight. This outfit was a reward for her fitness and while at LAX she was targeted by the not very funny Sebastian Maniscalco (who I’m hoping will apologize). I feel badly for her.
  • This woman takes prednisone and gained a bunch of weight, she’s enjoying an ice cream because she has a hangover after going to a Sebastian Maniscalco show and being so bored because he is not funny that she drank too much. She’s trying to even out her blood sugar with a yogurt parfait. I feel badly for her.
  • This woman is just happy with herself and Sebastian Maniscalco is not a funny stand up comic (that one is just to entertain me and because I’m feeling punitive… I couldn’t help myself).

As of this writing 23 people have shared this photo and another 79 people liked it. I think they deserve a little shame. I’ve talked about how shame is a good thing in parenting, and I believe it’s a good thing in society. You see, if people are afraid that their asshattery will land them on a blog maybe they won’t be so quick to leave comments like this when they see someone being victimized.

If you recognize any of these people be sure to let them know that they’re being immortalized. Our words are incredibly powerful and it’s important that we have the chance to stand behind them. Here are the comments left on the picture you see above. These are some of the ugliest people on the internet.

    • Jill Nall Wow whee

    • Rey Castro LMAO! What is she a Ballerina?

    • Yalisha Yali Stewart That is just awful…who let her out? lol

    • Dianna Anderson ahhhh, Omg!!!!! that’s just nasty

    • David Buck Gotta love the ice cream in her hand…

    • Kate Stransky This whole outfit would be fine…if she were 6 months old.

    • David Buck what is wrong with people??? hehehe

    • Lisette St Claire’re so bad..funny as hell..but bad! :o)

    • Lisa Ponce Nottoli Is she taking a berak from her pole dancing gig?

    • Anna Gioia Douglas thats unfortunate…..

    • Gerald Joest ‎’With the wrong half hanging out.”

    • Kristy Chang what tha……

    • Lyda Paola Caceres she just let you take her picture??

    • Sue Defabio some people have no shame!

    • Jerome Cleary I’m glad I’m gay!

    • Freddie Lynn OMG!!

    • Lotus Flower MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!

    • Anthony Vito Raimondi No way!!! Really lady??!!

    • Jerome Cleary I hope that yogurt parfait she’s eating is non-fat!

    • Kasra Alexander Fardoost dude where do you hang around… seriously?!?

    • Hector Ortz you must of caught her on a bad day…….shes actually pretty hot……………….just kidding…………



    • Cindy Malloy I’m sure some law is being broken.

    • Jen Anguiano Omg – good lord

    • Cyndi Brooks Sebastian!!!!! Be nice… Which airport ya at?

    • Kristen Rainboth Edwards Is that butterscotch?

    • Chris Guthrie I’m glad I’m not her! Yikes! I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to that on the airplane!

    • Jerome Cleary this is taken at LAX I recognize the chairs

    • Jerome Cleary she’s eating for 4

    • Marlene N Robles I love how the picture is taken right in front of her..she just let it happen.

    • Jerome Cleary quadruplets!

    • Erin Cronin She forgot her pants…

    • Willard Van Reptile No one needs to see that.

    • Alicia Di Paolo This is just WRONG!!!! Quickkkkkkk take away the shake and hide the pink outfit!!!!!!

    • Ashley Sanchez Why on earth did she even bother with the skirt?? It doesn’t cover a thing!

    • Pam Ewusiak oh lord

    • Jeff Keller Is her butt in the front?

    • Matt Marinaro Were peaple just walking by and taking pictures of her? Haha…

    • Judy Sudora What’s wrong with people??

    • Adam Roth Love me some thigh-gina

    • Theresa Nunez She needs to grow up and dress like an adult

    • Tiffany Marie I gotta stop letting people take pictures of me…

    • Alysia Tavidagian LOL…..This is so wrong!

    • Lorena Miller Pretty in pink!

    • Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb This thread is really sad. Sadder than the fat on her.

    • Colleen Lesnjak I don’t know what to say……..

    • Kristen Hopkins-Drumond They really gonna let her get on a plane like that? I pitty the poor bastard thats gotta sit next to that!!…Lmao

    • Diana DeLuca Armstrong Well, that certainly has curbed my appetite.

    • Andrea Lynn Tway I think her FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area) ate her skirt! :)~

    • C Tatiana Celebertti OhMaGosh SMH! ..

    • Matt Welch Make it stop.

    • Jen Murphy Kons Oh dear

    • Daniel Han ‎”i’m cooomfortable….!!” lol

    • Jerie Hilliker leave me alone people..I like to dress comfortable when I go to the airport geez

    • Melanie Gladney Seriously, what the hell kind of garment *is* that on the bottom? Skirt? Shorts? Skort? It looks like a popped balloon.

    • Carolyne Lehto Phillips Maybe she has a really great personality.

    • Mark Irving Wow,Lo.. you need to stop eating the cookies…ha ha

    • Dena Salazar Thats horrible

    • Tiffany Marie I’m confused……I thought guys liked it when girls showed a bit of skin.

    • Jillian Tusa Ewwww … LoL

    • Michael Gracia Now thats sexy

    • Athena Campoverde LMFAO!!!!!! What a great caption!!!!

    • Jillian Tusa LMAO @ Tiffany

    • Tim Idzikowski I bet she left a snail trail on that seat….gross..

    • Anna Marie Lindsey Eifert This thread proves that people dont ever really grow up and are still the mean little burgers they were in grade school.

    • Les Anderson that is not just a camel toe, that is the whole foot!

    • Peter Calvo jesus!!

    • Joyce Zindell Altieri didn’t she feel the draft??

    • Jay Luciano LMFAO

    • Dana Shiery I don’t want to see no more!

    • John Lim she’s got glitter on her camel toe, glitter on her camel toe, glitter on her camel toe.

    • John-Paul Lopez At least she’s dressed for the warm weather

    • Jaime Kerby omg!!

    • Minh Thai probably a bad pic taken by friend or love one and posted it on FB, she probably never imagined her pic would be exposed like this. I feel bad for her…

    • Susan Ashley Caldwell Damn shame and nasty too

    • Jennifer Auditore Cabrera wtf, gross ppl

    • Matt Jackson Would’ve loved to fly next to her!!

    • Michelle Bryant You know what? I’m over weight. I weigh more than I should. I don’t look like her but I’m not going to act like I’m a thin model. I make sure all my stuff is covered up. WHY she would want to show it off is beyond my realm of understanding. Put on a bra, a pair of spanx and some damn pants. NO ONE wants to look at this!

    • Anthony Carson they make the gallon sized cup too ya know ;)

    • Sheri Angel Pajamas at the AIRPORT! I remember that well! Funny! ; D

    • Jen Blair Chavez she looks like she might be “special” and should be treated with kindness

    • Kelly Martin Omg. Omg.

    • Doris Reicherter Where do you find these shots?

    • Rob Daze Dejene some guy somewhere smashing her right now

    • Salvatore Sam Turco she was in front of me ordering the whole menu, and then a frozen yogurt cause she’s on a diet , so she says lol lol lol

    • Terri McKean McKinney OMG! Worst case of camel-toe I’ve ever seen…hope that’s diet ice cream.

    • Jill Smith as she sits there putting on the feed bag.

    • Christopher C Mullins OWW! I think I burned my retinas!

    • Susan L Kirk one picture is worth a thousand words .. LOL!

    • Lazaro J. Quintino Wow!! I don’ t know where one thing starts and the other ends.

    • Julie Brillhart I was feeling down about myself….after looking at thia I feel better…

    • Sandy Hurtado jajaja..como me encantas Sebastian ! Siempre me haces reir !!

    • Sebastian Maniscalco This photo was posted on some elses face book page. It has nothing to with her size. I was just curious of the outfit she choose to fly. As you well know I do a whole bit about people and how they dress at the airport. It was well documented on the Jay Leno show where I did a Man on Street piece at LAX questioning peoples attire.

    • Sandy Hurtado jajajaja…voy a verte en Arlington TX con unos amigos Sebastian este mes !! I love you !!

    • Susan L Kirk well… maybe if she was wearing the right size??

    • Odette Kennedy I’m trying to figure out if it’s a skirt or a shorts… or something else…
      Maybe she thought it would help her join the mile high club.

    • Andrea Cardinale Really?

    • Melody Joy Colicchio this is AWFUL

    • Jazmin Fuentes Cover up girl ..leave alittle to the imagination

    • Melody Joy Colicchio and she’s in an airport… i wonder who the lucky chap was who got to sit next to her on the plane.

    • Cristina Blanco This can’t possibly be real!?!? I am completely emarassed for this person.

    • Juan Chase Hahahaha she look like the girl from willy wonka

    • Adriana Elizabeth What theeeeeee?! I had to do a quadruple take on this one…. yikes!

    • Andrea Cardinale I love that she’s eating icecream prob should be an apple

    • Vince Fugelsang Its just Her fat lags

    • David Aldi no reason to eat lunch now….

    • Nicole Wilmoth Unmanageable!

    • Josie AmicoTraum Oh Dio Mio…..!!

    • Jamiebeth Grant GROSS!

    • Bruce Altieri I can never eat ice cream again

    • Valerie Wisniewski Hearn Really come on who raised her man!!!!Being a large person I look in the mirror everyday when I dress.

    • Marie Goguen That is so wrong!!

    • Grant Founy big stomach bones ? :P

    • Scott F. Miller What no Jimmies?

    • Kim Hunsinger Are you freaking kidding me?!!!

    • Leah Segedie You are all one major sickness away from being overweight yourselves. Laughing at her because of her size just shows me how sad all of you are. What if she suffered from sexual abuse as a child and has an eating disorder from it? Would you think that was funny? Careful what you laugh at. Karma is a bitch y’all.

    • Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb I’ll take my post down when you take this picture down…. maybe.

    • Chantilly Patiño ‎1) Absolutely ridiculous that you took this picture and 2) didn’t even take the time to conceal this woman’s identity. Who gave you the right!?

    • Carrie Gardner Two words: COVER UP

    • Adriana Lopez Come on … really !!!

    • Jen Doherty Pretty terrible that you would help spread a picture around to collect insults for someone who is a HUMAN BEING. You should be ashamed…comedian or not…this is not funny.

    • Rose Latka Wow. I just read about this on Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb‘s blog and had to check it out for myself and here it is, a public post humiliating an innocent girl obviously suffering from a slew of issues. My heart breaks for this girl, and I really hope she NEVER finds out about this post…. Who knows, maybe she has, has anyone checked the suicide reports yesterday, as something this humiliating could bring a person to that. Sebasstian, you really are an ass and I have to ask, with all of your good looks and media presence, is this really how you choose to leave your mark on the world? I hadn’t heard of you before and now will forever remember you as the egocentric, insecure talentless asshole, named Sebasssstian, who gloats in the limelight of other insecure losers hard up for a “laugh”.

    • Mariellen Wood And none of you have EVER done ANYTHING that would embarrass you if someone took a picture of it and posted it online? What she chooses to wear and what she chooses to eat is NONE of anyone’s business. If you don’t like how she looks, DON’T LOOK! Simple as that. You’re all asshats and douchecanoes for ragging on a stranger for her choice of clothing/food just because YOU don’t like it. Get over yourselves and get a life.

    • Rose Latka I wish Oprah or some other big name would do a small segment on internet bullies and expose everyone of you meanies to the world.

    • Mari Harju Because mocking people for their bodies is soooo funny and edgy. Ugh. You’re disgusting for posting this with the intent of mockery.

    • Jaime Mukherjee this girl is a human being And deserves some respect. You don’t have to Like her body or her clothes but you do need to show some human decency and leave her be.

    • Tasha Niemi what posses people to be out in public like that.

    • Atchka Fatty What posses people to talk bad?

    • Eric Braun I agree Tasha…cover up

    • Mari Harju Except.. you don’t know where this picture has been taken.

    • Tasha Niemi Im not saying anything about her size. I am a big girl too, but I dress accordingly

    • Ludmilla Utter Didja mean “possesses” Tasha? And are you implying she needs to be hidden away because YOU don’t like how she is dressed? My my, I bet the majority of you are fun to be friends with….

    • Boombands Em Wow, Sebastian – I’d never heard of you before this and will probably never see any of your comedy or hear of you again. What I do know is that you took this from someone else’s FB page and posted it – hoping for reaction. Not a positive reaction either – you’ve posted this to laugh at someone, you don’t know and have no right to try and humiliate. Basically – as someone who didn’t know you before this – all I know now is that you are pretty much a bullying, mean arsehole. Great first impression, man. Well done you.

    • Mary Baird Tasha– “accordingly” means what, exactly? “According” to a fear that if you dress a certain way people will ridicule you? Doesn’t seem fair to me.

    • Atchka Fatty Tasha, again, if she was thin and wearing this outfit, would that be considered “accordingly”?

    • Tasha Niemi If she was thin I would still say the same thing. A skirt that short is fine for the club or whatever, but not the airport or other such places. Her size has nothing to do with it.

    • Ludmilla Utter Who died and made you the fashion god? The only arguments I make for appropriate dress is for court. But it doesn’t matter thin or fat. OP posted a picture with hopes of getting people to snark and humiliate this girl. What a great guy

    • Rebecca Jane Weinstein You know what does have to do with size? Sebastian Maniscalco has a 3 inch penis. If only that were a joke …

Facebook Comments

  • As someone on prednisone who has gained as much as that woman, I feel for  her. Granted, I would make better clothing choices ( I hope…but let me tell you, there is NOT much out there for a big woman) this reminds me a lot of ‘people of walmart’ and that sort of thing. Let’s find people who live differently than us and mock. Poor clothing choice aside, I’ve gotten tired of this sort of thing on the web. Because it goes from innocent fun to nasty trolling of people like me very quickly. You should see the looks I get when I’m in my wheelchair at an amusement park or at an event. ‘She’s fat, clearly she eats poorly and isn’t sick’ is the look on their faces… no really. If they only knew how hard I diet and portion control and juice and do al the things I am supposed to do and what prednisone does to your body no matter how hard you try. If they only knew how hard I fight to stay ALIVE and that means, as my doctor said, making me fat and sicker to get me better. I’m over shaming people for how they look- because behind EVERY photo like this…there is a story. Sometimes that story is entirely disgusting and sometimes it’s heartbreaking. How do we know which it is for this woman? That’s my Pollyanna moment for tonight…

    • how shameful to see so many delight in the misfortunes of another human being!

    •  Prednisone is an evil drug that saves my life in the short run but kills me in the long run. And it’s so commonly prescribed I would bet prednisone induced insulin resistance makes the top ten for things that cause obesity.

  • Karen

    This is brilliant. You putting people’s nasty comments about this individual, picture AND name, on your blog, driving home the point that cruelty should not be anonymous – brilliant.

    Their ugliness is hanging out.

  • Candace

    Does it make you people feel better about yourself to bully someone?  Shame on you people!  

  • Alex

    This sort mob mentality is terrifying. It would be inexcusable amongst adolescents, but it seems even children have the decency not to post on such a thread. My sincere hope is that the woman in the picture never learns of it. Because, as the comic says, he simply got if from someone else, who probably got it from the public FB account of someone else along the line.

    Both you and Erin and are right. We don’t know her truth. And where her face is missing I keep seeing that of each little avatar that commented. Because anyone could end up in a picture passed mockingly around the net. 

  • Well said. Would love to see relevant support like this for the R-word Campaign.

  • As someone who has struggled with their weight their entire life, eats well, exercises, and even played college sports, this exchange makes me so sad. Regardless of her choices, keep your judgements to yourself. Or here’s an idea, don’t judge at all.

    • Graciette

      You say that as you judge. People are hilarious.

  • Jessica way to stick up for someone who is getting bullied. Yes this is bullying if you don’t think so, then you are a bully.  I have had many conversations with people online about not doing this. I think it is shameful and you should be called out like this. I have done it in the past! I would NEVER, I repeat NEVER snap and post a photo like this.  Thank you Jessica for naming names, maybe people will be a little more sensitive and have a some decency. Oh this is where your little 50 person following and noone will see what I am posting just blew up in your face!  Link to everyone’s profile makes it easy to drop a little note. I for one do not tolerate this kind of behavior!

  • With all the technology we have at our fingertips and some people choose to use it to continue their own bad behavior… how sad. Thanks for pointing this out. Have a great weekend.

  • Lindsay Bell

    Best. Blog post. EVER!!!!! The only saving grace is that two (only two) people in your stream above said “for shame” to those people. You rock for doing this, and I’m’a share this post *everywhere* today!! :)

  • It’s sad that this is entertainment for a lot of people. I know a lot of funny people who need not disgrace others for a laugh. Bottom barrel humor is for comedians who aren’t very smart.

  • Leah Segedie

    Total asshat

  • CharmingKEYper

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  This woman has just been told thousands of times over that she is  less than worthy.  How unfortunate that we choose to knock someone down instead of build them up.

  • And this is why I don’t post pictures of my self on the internet very often — or allow anyone else to do so. People are assholes. The net is a global high school quad for the bullies. And it’s forever. When you post something online, it never, ever goes away.

    I am not a small woman. I never have been. I’m 5’10” tall. No petite girl here. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and a partial physical disability that limits my movement. I can look at food and gain weight because of the PCOS. And I do eat a pretty balanced diet. Losing weight for me can be an exercise in futility because of the insulin resistance. No medications have worked for me yet.

    What I can’t get over is how in the hell grown adults think this is OK to do to another person. What if it was their loved one getting skewered like that? How would they feel? I get upset when I hear another child has been mean to my six year old daughter. My first thought is “I know they’re kids, but who raises a child to think acting like that is acceptable??” But I also come from being brought up to be polite, respect my elders and not be a bully. Clearly these people were not taught any of that.

    Calling out celebrities, politicians, companies or other bloggers who do stupid crap and break the rules is one thing — attacking an innocent person on the net is something else entirely. It’s cruel and juvenile.

    One thing I noticed about the commentators on that thread was that they had horrible grammar. Maybe they are just wholly uneducated and therefore don’t know any better?

    Nah, they’re just assholes. PERIOD.

  • the year of what if

    Well said.

  • Leah Segedie

    I guess I’m crass. I like the last commenter that said he had a 3 inch penis. Taste of his own medicine. 

  • Firstly, I hope people take this as a lesson that nothing you do on the internet is private. Regardless of whether Jessica knows the people who have commented or not – here are their names and faces on her blog. 
    Secondly, I like to live my life with simple rules. One of them is to never do anything in private that I’d be ashamed of doing in public. The people that chimed in with their ugly two cents – they’re probably wishing they followed that same rule right now. 
    And that poor girl? I feel sorry for her. I am sure that she deals with enough in her life without jerks posting her photo on the internet. 

  • If I saw that woman in the airport, I would be a little uncomfortable. I think it’s human instinct to feel a certain way about too much flesh hanging out, whether it’s on a 300 lb or a 95 lb person with a visible thong. The difference, however, is I would never take a picture and I would certainly never share it with the world for mass ridicule. We’re better than that, people. 

  • Katie

    They are all far uglier inside than they could ever accuse her of being on the outside. 

  • The girl in the picture can very likely do something to change her body.  Unfortunately, the insecure mental-pigs who commented with such vitriol about her size probably can’t and won’t do anything about their disease of Asshole.  Pity.

  • Skipedeedoodah


  • very interesting! I saw your post the other day and was very upset! Especially, by the facebook page owner posting a photo like that and encouraging people to be nasty. By seeing his apology you should feel like at least you not only took it down but you educated someone on the importance of their actions… but now… what about all those people who made awful remarks?

  • Wow!!! looks like SebASStian know alot about being UGLY!!! HSebastian Maniscalco is a BULLY and resorts to picking on innocent people for a VERY CHEAP LAUGH!!! WHat a HACK

  • Wow!!! looks like SebASStian know a lot about being UGLY after looking at this picture of himself!!! Sebastian Maniscalco is a BULLY and resorts to picking on innocent people for a VERY CHEAP LAUGH!!! What a HACK and DOUCHE BAG!!!

  • JeremyP

    Sebastian is a comedian. This is what they do- social commentary-he is clearly a nice man and the comments clearly got away from the point. He always says “I’m uncomfortable that you’re comfortable” about a variety of ways that people act/ dress. He is a man who references the good ol days of past generations and how things have changed for the worse. He is a class act and this post was taken way out of context at his expense. He never makes fat jokes. That is not his style. I have been a fan of his for several years and stumbled on this post and felt the need to speak from a real life experience. I have met his several times. He is very down to earth kind comes out and shakes his fans hands after a show.

    • That’s really good to hear. Fortunately he pulled the picture.

  • Ramy

    Thing is….he’s very funny. But, by all means people, pick up a pitch fork and join the group. He’s a comedian, and comedians make fun of ALL people. Fat people are no exception. If we can make fun of Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Gays, Muslims, midgets, etc, then don’t cry because an overweight person was the butt of a joke. Get your priorities straight. He apologized, which he didn’t have to do…..

    •  I agree.  He is a comic, and in comedy you are going to somewhere, somehow, hurt someone’s feelings.  Furthermore, when I watch his stand-up I see him making fun of himself as much as he does of other people. 

      • This wasn’t a comedy club. This is a woman at the airport. Big difference.

  • Graciette

    You are a hypocrite.

  • Amy P

    While this post is old, I can’t help but chime in here-Sebastian is a kind, funny and down to earth guy. Calling HIM names makes you look stupid. Clearly a poor choice on his part, he apologized. GET OVER YOURSELF. There are A LOT of worse things going on in the world. All you did was brew a nice steaming pot of encouragement for people to be hateful. Have you looked at all sides? If this woman didn’t want attention brought to her, she would have chosen something more “appropriate” for her size. It would be no different if a 95lb. person was running around nude…people would gawk and take photos-there are just certain things you don’t do in society. NUFF SAID.

  • Matt M

    Not a poor choice; why is finding humor in obesity so frowned upon? Umm… pretty sure Chris Farley, Kevin James and Melissa McCarthy and many others have made a f*cking living off it so stfu in saying it’s not funny. Ur not funny. You are doing the EXACT same thing in shaming someone for shaming another person; it’s NO different. You’re trying to make someone feel shitty for making someone else feel shitty.. Kettle; black.