The End is Purple


I swore I’d never write about a Kardashian. William wants me to write about them because he wants to believe they are relevant, they are not.

Today Tony sent me this

And you absolutely MUST watch it or your life won’t be complete.

My question is this, what’s the Facebook protocol on sharing? Since Tony didn’t have it on his wall I couldn’t click to share so it would automatically say “Via Tony Onorati”. Should I have tagged him in Facebook post?

text messages about the kardashian sex tape

Also, if your name isn’t Tony you won’t be calling me “hooker” and living to see another day.

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11 responses to “The End is Purple”

  1. Trisha says:

    that was freaking hysterical

  2. Best comment is “she just lays there, what’s wrong with her” … which just proves that not all Armenians have rhythm.

  3. I wonder who made the video – I love how unimpressed they were with the whole thing. Favorite comment “What’s taking him so long – he’s so young!”

  4. willibaldoea says:

    They are totally relevant, mother. Geez…

  5. Dodi Morrison says:

    I usually post “Facelifted from ______” in the first comment section, or if it lets me type an intro to the video.

    Let me thank you now, Tony… AWESOME video!!!!  So funny!

  6. OMG…so funny. Good night!

  7. Spectacular! (And thank God my life is now complete!)

  8. TheNextMartha says:

    I’m not the only one who wants to look up that sex tape now right?  RIGHT?!

  9. Absenceofalternatives says:

    I have no desire in watching other people having sex. However, I don’t mind watching others watching others having sex. Am I sicker in this way? 

  10. Absenceofalternatives says:

    btw, “the end is purple…”

    tis why i can never ever look at dark purple tulips and keep a straight face. 

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