An Open Letter To Cole Hahn


If you work at Cole Hahn, if you know someone who works at Cole Hahn or if you’ve waved hello to an elderly lady who has a child who works at Cole Hahn I need your help.

My husband has the perfect shoes. He has two pair of them in different colors and they’re nearing the end of their lifespan.

We Gottliebs are now facing a crisis.

No matter how many pair of beautiful shoes I bring home for him Mr. G refuses to wear anything but these.

cole hahn casual oxford shoes

If ever there was an emergency this is it.


Update: Y’all are amazing. They’ve been identified as the Oswego and we’re looking for size 10. There is another shoe that’s also called the Oswego it has red laces and a brown sole we are NOT looking for that one. We need the white soled Oswego.

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7 responses to “An Open Letter To Cole Hahn”

  1. Greg says:

    Now that is a serious shoe emergency!

  2. Connie says:

    Husband’s are seriously pathetic about finding a clothing item and neeeeeeeeding it from that moment on. My husband wears Levis 501 jeans and has since I met him in 1979….granted, he still wears a 32×32 and of that I’m jealous, but seriously….men…..get over yourselves and learn to be a little more flexible. Gesh :)

  3. Michael Cudahy says:

    I’ve had favorite shoes like that…they’re almost like a part of your feet! Good luck!

  4. Sandor Benko says:

     No luck finding that color, sorry! What an emergency, LOL!

  5. Which size are those shoes ? Would you also pay shipping from overseas ?

    @19177c4ed3f57023e468d42b9e933f1a:disqus  – I totally disagree with you, you’re absolutely insensitive it seems.


  6. Those are some nice looking shoes!! I may have to try to find some for my own man :)

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