PreviLean Chat… and I’m giving away things I can’t have anyhow :(

I took the ALCAT test a bit ago and the results came in Friday’s mail. Here’s a video of me opening them (and freaking out because I’m still not sure that a life without jalapeños is a life worth living).

Part of the PreviLean package is nutritional counseling and quite often folks don’t start with their food plan/lifestyle change (it’s not a diet is it?) until after they’ve had their first counseling session. Mine is in a few hours and I’ve got two pages of questions. I don’t really know what a sensitivity is or if one recovers from them. Can I eat the foods I’m mildly sensitive to? There are a few preservatives that are in the “red zone” how do you even know when they’ve been used?

I do know that I cut out wheat and sugar and I haven’t needed Prevacid since Saturday. I’ve been taking Prevacid for over a year and it hasn’t really worked 100%. I’d assumed it was the medicines but now I’m confident it was either the wheat or the sugar. If that’s the only result I get from this I’ll be delighted.

After my call today I’ll be needing a lot of recipes so we’re going to have a twitter chat this Thursday and two participants who RSVP below will win gift cards for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I have a bunch of them around and since I don’t drink coffee the only thing I used them for was pastries… and y’all know that sad story…

Plan on joining me and Kim Grabinski of Accidental Mommies to talk about learning new ways to eat healthier. Also joining us will be the team from PreviMedica. Be sure to follow everyone on twitter:

@JessicaGottlieb (me)
@WhatsThatSmell (Kim)
@PreviMedica (the official PreviMedica twitter id)
@AmyPieczarka (director of nutrition services and the lady whose name I mangled in the video)

RSVP here with your name and twitter id for the first #PreviLean twitter chat on Thursday July 12 at 10am pacific time (that’s 1pm eastern)

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  • csimon2007

    Sounds interesting! Will be there. 

  • Imalwagner

    @imalwagner:disqus so excited – want to learn about previlean- thank u jessica:) 

  • Anne-Marie Nichols

    And I thought my ALCAT list of foods to avoid was challenging. Yours is so much worse!

    • Wendy Baumbach

       Anne-Marie how long did you wait for your results?

      • Anne-Marie Nichols

        Wendy, I think it was 2-3 weeks, but it was also over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, which delayed things. Also, unlike Jessica, I didn’t have it sent directly to me. It went to my doctor’s office, who took a few days to schedule a follow up appointment. 

  • Wendy Baumbach

    Jessica-how many days did you have to wait for your results? I loved your video!!! btw. Sitting on a few pins & needles myself waiting for my results packet. 

    • JessicaGottlieb

      It was about 10 days or so. My first phone call is in two hours (but that’s because of my horrendous schedule, not theirs).
      I’ll write about it later today.

  • Kristi Davis

    OH man, I feel for you. With my auto immune disease, my diet looks like this lately… Tilapia for breakfast, flounder for lunch, shrimp for a snack, and a grass fed hamburger patty and steamed (REALLY steamed) green beans for dinner. 

    Sadly, I keep cheating. But when I stick to that, I feel great!

    You will feel so much better knowing how your body reacts to all these things.  Glad you have tried giving up wheat and sugar. 

  • Hanan – Lilac City Momma

    Oh man. I’d be afraid to take that test! 

  • Doodle741

    I don’t think I’d want to do the ALCAT test!  

    Have you posted a list of what’s on the green side?  I can see what I have in my recipe book that would work for you! 

  • Robert and Theresa Gould

    This is interesting. Looking forward to the Twitter chat!

  • Desiree Eaglin


  • Mark from Coffee Beans Online

    That’s sounds great and I’ll catch up with you in twitter.