1. Donna Mills

    We’re doomed, aren’t we?

  2. Deborah Stambler

    What the psychiatrist is saying makes sense, but then I don’t know how you make the story of 20 first graders “as boring as possible.” It’s a difficult line to balance. I don’t watch the news for many of the reasons he outlines. I read things online and listen to the radio. I’ve only been able to handle small sessions of news since Friday’s shooting. How do we not create the glorified “anti-hero” and yet let the horror and shock and anger from this event propel us into action? Having a meaningful conversation about gun control and mental health in this country has to happen and it has to happen now. Will that be enough?

  3. Ciaran Blumenfeld

    This is why I watch a single news cycle on the least sensational outlet I can find (gets tougher all the time) once a day. I don’t want to re-enact the horror. I don’t want to understand the particular madness that propelled this. There are no satisfactory answers. I want to connect and address what got us here in a broader social sense (healthcare? gun control?) because we’re not going to end evil by understanding one madman. It’s infantile to think we will. But plugging our ears is equally infantile.

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