Packing and Worrying


I’m headed to Sydney in a few short hours. Here are my worries in no particular order:

  • Alexander will miss me
  • Jane will not miss me
  • I’ll forget to look right and get run over by car
  • While I’m bleeding the street a poisonous snake will get me
  • Neither child will use facial soap and they’ll use bar soap ruining their skin forever
  • My mother will give the children Froot Loops, Twinkies and Diet Coke. This is the most realistic worry, look what I found in her kitchen two weeks ago. twinkies at my mom's house
  • My husband will miss me
  • My husband won’t miss me
  • My husband will wear wrinkled or dirty shirts
  • My suitcase will be overweight
  • I’ll forget to pack something I need
  • My hairdryer will blow out the adapter

Once I get on the ground in Sydney things will be fine. I’m sure of it. Or am I?


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3 responses to “Packing and Worrying”

  1. RobynBradley says:

    I can almost guarantee you’ll be fine once you hit the ground in Sydney. I spent four months there during my junior year of college, and absolutely loved it! Enjoy! :)

  2. Christina Simon says:

    All your worries are “normal” and very funny.

  3. Lil says:

    My husband just fell in love with your mother. Also, same guy once packed the tv remote and cordless phone in luggage. He’s a gem.

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