Alexander doesn’t know what he wants to do for a living. Give him a break, he’s only 12. He’s a pragmatic 12 year old who recognizes that he would only change his mind a million times so he’ll just make a decision later on and skip the whole mind changing part of things.

Here are the things he absolutely does not want to do for a living:

  • Be a doctor. Blood is just not interesting to him.
  • Sit at a desk and look at papers
  • Be an accountant
  • Work in agriculture. Since the only ag workers we’ve ever seen are busy picking strawberries he’s pretty sure that you make about $3 a day in agriculture
  • Train dogs, cats, bears or other animals
  • Practice law
  • Own a retail store
  • Work with his father. He’s convinced that by the time he’s ready for a job television will cease to exist

Here are some jobs he might entertain when he’s older:

  • Work in advertising, but not TV because it probably won’t exist when he’s ready for a job. Whatever it is that replaces the internet is where he’d like to work
  • Writing, but he’s not sure what he’d write
  • Teaching
  • Sportscasting (does that even require an explanation?)
  • He’d like to own a chain of stores or restaurants but not just one. We then discussed the need for an MBA (I like this career path… my old age home will be fancy)
  • He’d work at a car company in some capacity but not Ferrari, someplace that sells real cars for real people
  • Engineering or energy (none of us know enough about that to guide him at all)

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