New Rules

My inbox is a disaster. It used to be only Fresh PR that sent me the same email from 3 people in their office. Actually before that Weber Whatever used to send me the exact same press release from several locations in the country and from several folks at each location.

Since we’re gearing up for father’s day I’ve decided to share with you some of the ways PR firms waste their clients’ hard earned dollars. The new rules around here is that every shitty email might get shared.

[Redacted] would like to “work” with me. Rest assured that work doesn’t involve me getting paid. It just involves me working.

Hi Jessica –

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about all of the ways that Dads help to raise their little ones. Whether it’s nighttime bottle feedings, soothing baby back to sleep by finding their favorite pacifier, or keeping an eye and ear out during nap time, Dads are there for their babies in every way.

In celebration of everything that dads do, we wanted to do a review and giveaway with you on all of the Philips AVENT products that allow dads to spend even more bonding time with their child. Additional features and products are detailed below.

Looking forward to working with you.



Then there are pictures of baby bottles. I’m guessing my husband should offer them to my 12 year old son? He is the baby after all. And on what planet do fathers get plastic baby bottles for father’s day? Is that a gift from wives who secretly hate their husbands and don’t want to buy them a real gift?

There are about 50 bazillion pitches that relate to fishing, golf, grooming and socks. I was going to make fun of them but they’re actually not a bad idea.

FYI Mojo is back. I’m tired and cranky. Proceed with caution.

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  • Brad Waller

    The bottles are payback for the vacuum cleaner, blender, or food processor the dad bought for his wife for Mother’s Day.

  • I had to learn to say no or ignore all of the people who wanted free work a long time ago. I have more time for myself and the family now.