Are you a publicist or are you a marketer? The requests made of social media influencers really need to be clear.

New Venture. Same Baffling Problem With Outreach.

This is a very strange email thread with a company representative who really didn’t know if they were trying to work with influencers as a publicist or as a marketer. They want to dictate content as though it’s a sponsored post, however they didn’t want to pay for a sponsorship.

Planned Parenthood Lobby Day

Mother’s Day and Planned Parenthood Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

I’m not a lobbyist. I’m not even a very good Democrat. I voted for Obama begrudgingly the first time and a little more happily the second. I spent my 20’s and my 30’s identifying as pro-life while giving money and support to Planned Parenthood, because even as I didn’t have need for it to tend to my own body I have always felt that Planned Parenthood plays a critical role in public health. I currently have low level irritation with the local democrats and I struggle to remind myself that whomever it is …

I Want to Tell You A Story About Galpin Motors

Galpin Motors is known by all in Los Angeles as the region’s largest Ford Dealer. There are things you may not know about Galpin Motors. When a celebrity is interested in a car their publicist reaches out to Detroit and they are given celebrity pricing and sent to Galpin Ford. The cars are all delivered through Galpin. It’s important for the Ford brand that celebrities drive their vehicles so they are heavily discounted and it is assumed that Galpin is the right place for them. In a moment you’ll see why this is …