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The Food Thing

I really wasn’t gone very long. I left Friday at midnight and was back to pick the kids up from school on Tuesday. I spent close to 48 hours on an airplane and the other 36 fully immersed in the Australian Rheumatology Association’s conference.

Now, when I say fully immersed what I really mean is […]

Moving at a Slower Pace

Volumes have been written on the need to rest and still more will be written because we don’t listen well the first time. I’m sitting on this little patio with the sound of magpies and cicadas as my only distractions. In the three days I’ve been in Byron Bay I’ve logged six hours of […]

Possibly Mistaken for a Prostitute in Australia

I spent the morning around The Rocks at Sydney. It’s a beautiful section of town where you look over to the iconic Sydney Opera House at the other side of the harbor while enjoying high end shopping (hello Burberry!) next to street vendors. Just after midday I hopped on an airport shuttle where I […]

Packing and Worrying

I’m headed to Sydney in a few short hours. Here are my worries in no particular order:

Alexander will miss me
Jane will not miss me
I’ll forget to look right and get run over by car
While I’m bleeding the street a poisonous snake will get me
Neither child will use facial soap and they’ll use bar soap […]

Moderate Productivity and Trip Planning

Jane is home sick today. It’s brutal because I had the cold she’s developed and it lingered. Yesterday was the first day in ten that I was really able to exercise and I got punchy. Now I’m home watching her sleep, snort and snuffle. Since it’s really just a cold there’s nothing I can […]