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Reflecting While Moving Ahead

Tony is in town. This means that I get to spend a couple of days with a man who has and shares my history. There’s a whole lot of not explaining who people are and even more laughing and not caring what the world thinks.

We’re heading to West Hollywood in a few hours to […]

Do They Appreciate What they Have?

This morning I was looking for my eyelash curler and found myself in my daughter’s bathroom drawers opening and closing drawers filled to the brim with powders, pencils, compacts and brushes. There were grocery store brands, Sephora brands and a smattering of Chanel (I know the way to my daughter’s heart) and I started […]

Yes, the Swastika Rings at are Real

I shared a photo on instagram this morning and the first reaction friends are having is, “Is that real?”

The answer is, sadly, yes.


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As of this writing (noon pacific time) if you go to and search for swastika 272 items will be available in the marketplace. According to Sears on twitter […]

Safe by Estate Assist and #EASafe Chat

Earlier this week we had our first #EASafe Chat. It went really well and people were excited to talk about organization and how to keep up to date with their lives.

On October 14th we’ll have our second #EASafe chat where we talk a little more in depth about what Safe by Estate Assist can […]

The Opposite of Childhood Obesity is not Anorexia

There’s an article over at the Frisky that sounds the alarms about weight loss apps for kids. For the record I 100% agree that giving an 8 year old instructions to count calories is a bad idea. However, the app in question is not just any weight loss app. It’s an app that’s designed to teach children ages […]

Breastfeeding at Giggles and Hugs

A few moments ago I got off the telephone with Kimberly. Kimberly is the general manager for a local indoor playground called Giggles and Hugs in Glendale.

The reason that I called Kimberly was because yesterday a friend of mine put me in touch with a friend of hers who said that she’d been humiliated […]