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Is There Such a Thing as a WAHM or a SAHM


These are some blurry lines we’re looking at kids. I chatted with Whitney and Tanis about being a Stay at Home Mom or a Work at Home Mom.

I’m not even sure WHAT I am, except that I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m the Stay At Home Mom that they can call to pick up their kids. Again. I mean seriously neighbor… did you forget that you have children?

Whitney wrote a great post about what it is to be a hybrid mom. Which is sort of every mom I know these days, except that one who seems to be at the spa every day. What’s her magic?

In any event, today’s momversation asks what are you? And does it even have a name?

Obamacare, The Republican Diet and Comedy that Writes Itself


It’s no secret. I’m bugged about healthcare. Much like our elected officials I have no solution but I have grave concerns. I’m so concerned I’ve actually vlogged about it recently at Momversation and I’m pretty sure that at least one of you has faced bankruptcy due to medical bills.

I didn’t really know how to introduce this video because with 2012 being an election year I worry about beating this very important horse to death.

Then I remembered that we can talk about anything incessantly as long as it’s funny. What could possibly be funny about the fact that Americans are drowning in debt and that’s leaving us unhealthy?

This postcard came in today’s mail, I’m assuming it’s because I’m a registered Republican.

republican diet


Redshirting Boys for Kindergarten: What did You Do?


This is my very favorite momversation. You can see that we’re all in Daphne’s kitchen and the really nice thing is that Rebbeca, Daphne and I are friends. This is exactly how we chat together.

In any event I know that not all kids are ready for kindergarten, just as I know academically that some kids could skip a grade. I still think it’s a bad plan, and if you watch the video you’ll see why.

What do you think? When will you send your kids to kindergarten?

Can You Say Truck Without Cussing?


These kids can’t.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Stranger Danger? I Don’t Think So.


Where are you at on Stranger Danger? It drives me crazy because we’re shielding our kids from the wrong people.

Watch this week’s Momversation and leave your comments on YouTube.


Oh also, when you decide it’s your favorite video of all time you should click over to YouTube and thumb it up. Good karma and all…

Rebecca Wolf’s Spawntourage: A Different Momversation


This episode of Momversation was so much for all of us. I’m very curious to see if you enjoy the format as much as we enjoyed filming.

Oh also… what do you think of large families? Watch the video and you’ll see what I think of them.

If you want to find Rebecca and Daphne they are here and here.

When Mom Shows Off: Another YouTube Playlist


Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks I don’t care if I never….

Oh… whatever, y’all know you LOVE baseball too.

How Did You Get a Black Eye? Funny videos


I scoured YouTube for the best black eye videos and my favorites are the last two so watch all the way through. You’re welcome.

Momversation: Kids on Leashes


I’m not really sure that this requires any words. Enjoy and share.