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8290348 Questions (and Answers) About Previlean


Or nine. Nine questions is a lot isn’t it?

This journey with Previlean has been extraordinary. I had a blood test and some panic that I was going to be dining on plates of air and then I got used to eating without feeling queasy. It had never dawned on me that food was giving me indigestion. I thought it was the piles of pills I take every day for RA. I’m a pharmaceutical dumping ground and it’s completely logical to assume that the pills were setting my esophogus on fire.

And then I eliminated a bunch of foods that the blood test said I was sensitive to and within about three days I felt better than I’d felt since becoming a mother. Within a month I’d lost a few pounds and my skin lost it’s redness. I’m an olive toned woman… I shouldn’t look ruddy.

Something really exciting has begun. I’m now adding back the moderately reactive foods. Last week I ate an egg yolk for the first time in a season and  in addition to being delicious my body didn’t react to it. This week I’m going to add back artichoke and I’m excited beyond words.

Folks who have done ALCAT testing in the past are almost always evangelists. So many are like me and have seen dramatic health effects and want to share it with people but there’s also a lot of confusion about PreviLean and the ALCAT Test. Amy and I created this group of videos that address many of the questions folks have.

I’ve Taken a Huge Previlean Break


Well I haven’t really taken a break from it so much as I’ve been bad about blogging about Previlean. It’s the craziest thing because it’s completely changed my life and the only time I notice it is when I fail.

Does that make any sense at all?

Basically I eliminated a bunch of foods and recently I added back egg yolks. It’s the first food I’ve added back and I had no reaction. Do you hear that? No reaction and I’m ready to declare my love of eggs, whole eggs because egg whites are dull and rubbery and all the great flavor is in the yolk. Also I’ve found some sunflower fed eggs locally and I swear to all that is holy it’s a party in your mouth.

The problem with writing about Previlean is that it’s good. It’s like I do what they tell me do and I feel great and I forget that I have RA. Sometimes I have a better plan and eat a little wheat, jalapeno or sugar (those are the things I struggle most with and still crave) and end up with indigestion or a splitting headache and that reminds me about previlean.

I did a series of chats with Amy Pieczarka (who you might recognize from the twitter chats) about PreiLean, what the process is and why it’s relevant. Here’s the first… I’ll have a whole bunch of them up and running for you shortly.

Previlean: I Learn Slowly


It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on the PreviLEAN plan. First I took the blood test, then I eliminated foods from my diet and then I (predictably) felt great.

And then I did something else predictable. I ate everything in sight. I ate pasta with wheat flour, cake (more dairy, flour and sugar) and washed it all down with fruity drinks that I have no business drinking.

In addition to having almost instantaneous heartburn I also spent the next 24 hours feeling stiff and store. It’s like a full body hangover without the fun night at the club. This is unremarkable right? Of course I’m avoiding specific foods for just about a month and I have an amazing dinner that I believe will be worth it so I go wild and feel like crap. Happens to everyone.

Well, I’m not a quick study, last night I found myself sitting in front of a linzer torte, a bucket of sea salt caramels, flourless chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Having apparently learned absolutely nothing I ate bits of all of them and today my body feels like I’m 90. I creaked my way out of bed and stood in a hot shower surprised that I’d do this to myself again.

I knew that avoiding my “trigger foods” was helping me not have indigestion but I wasn’t ready to believe that it was helping with my joints. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be running head first in a brick wall for the third time in order to learn my lesson…. I hope.


PreviLean Update: Slow to Learn


PreviLean has been a bit of a miracle for me. I gave up all the foods I am sensitive to and haven’t had indigestion since day three. For the past few years I’ve taken a Prevacid a day, I’d (incorrectly) assumed the heartburn was because of the many medications I take for RA. I’ve also lost four pounds without eating less.

So I’m establishing the fact the PreviLean has been good to me. The test seems to have been quite accurate, the counseling sessions with a nutritionist are amazing and she sends me pages of recipes that include only foods I can eat.

Nothing could be easier, right?

Well, my son had a birthday and he wanted a chocolate hazelnut cake. Why? Because he has great taste, that’s why. I did what any reasonable woman would do. I went on Google Plus and asked for recipes. Anirban Banerjee said he’d just tried a recipe from a BBC website and directed me to it. It looked simple enough and the ingredients were spot on so I gave it a go.

After a few hours of roasting hazelnuts, separating eggs and melting chocolate I had a flour-less chocolate and hazelnut cake that smelled like heaven. You could practically hear an angels harp when you stood over it. I made Alexander’s other favorites for dinner: ribs, tri tip, baked potatoes and corn. Of course none of this is any good unless you add my homemade BBQ sauce. I assure you that you don’t want to know how BBQ sauce is made, it’s sugar, honey and sugary things with a little ginger and garlic.

So we have a favorite dinner that has a few options for me that don’t include sugar and a dessert that a smart woman would skip. I’m not smart.

I could’ve eaten the tri tip and skipped the sugared ribs but I didn’t because ribs are delicious. After having strayed from my PreviLean plan with ribs (sugar is something I’m to avoid) I figured I’d have a slice of cake. It tasted better than it smelled which is something I’d never dreamed would be possible.

The next morning we packed the kids up (plus a friend for Alexander) and took off to have two days on the beach in Ventura. I packed tons of snacks for myself knowing that restaurant eating can be challenging on a good day. Well, when I had a 2pm bloody mary on Saturday good judgement went out the window. Dinner was a PreviLean disaster. It had never dawned on me that anyone would grill swordfish in butter (I’m off dairy). So now my food plan (it’s not a diet) is ruined two days in a row and when the kids want to order room service for dessert I’m feeling defeated anyhow and I order carrot cake that doesn’t even taste that great but I eat anyhow.

Sunday I wake up with a headache and no sense of what I can attribute it to. I’m not hung over, I’ve hardly had a drink. I’m thinking the butter, flour, sugar combo has packed a whallop so I add some Advil into the mix of pills I take every morning. The Advil does nothing to ease the pain so I go off the rails and eat a few bites of my daughter’s burger, bun and all.

I can’t say with certainty that the wheat is what made my head feel like it was exploding but I’m not going to be eating wheat again anytime soon. My headache lasted the whole day Sunday and I’m dutifully back to eating from the green column today.

The big bummer is that four pounds I’d lost. Guess what? I found two of them this weekend.

#Previlean Chat: Wednesday July 18 10am PT


Plan on joining me and Anne-Marie Nichols for another Previlean chat. This week we will talk specifically about the ALCAT test, what it is, why we took it and food sensitivities. Anne-Marie took the test a few years ago and found it life changing. Also joining us will be the team from PreviMedica. Be sure to follow everyone on twitter:

@JessicaGottlieb (me)
@amnichols (Anne-Marie)
@PreviMedica (the official PreviMedica twitter id)
@AmyPieczarka (director of nutrition services)

RSVP here with your name and twitter id for the second #PreviLean twitter chat on Wednesday July 18 at 10am pacific time (that’s 1pm eastern)


Anne-Marie Nichols is a social media consultant and professional healthy food and lifestyle blogger. She started her blog This Mama Cooks! On a Diet™  in 2004, where she shares healthy recipes and lifestyle tips for busy moms and their families. She also writes about subjects such as gluten free living, dental health, skin care, fitness, weight loss, and food allergies and sensitivities.You can connect with her on Twitter @amnichols and Facebook.

Finally and most importantly, she’s mom to Nathan, 12 and Lucie, 9 and wife to Paul, a chemist, avid outdoorsman, and motorcycle enthusiast. They live near Athens, Georgia.

I’ll have some prizes from my friends at Microsoft. Be sure to RSVP so you’re eligible to win them.

Golf and Previlean and Mermaid Tails… or are these tales?


This morning only Alexander went to camp because sometime around April Jane told me that she was, “too old for camp” and didn’t want to go this year. Of course I called and asked if she could be a CIT, they said, “yes” and Jane explained that she wasn’t old enough to be a CIT.

She’s neither fish nor foul at age 13.

In the first minutes of June Jane begged me to sign her up for camp. Tough luck, only half the days she wanted were available so today she’s hanging out with friends instead of having Halloween in July. Of course this means she didn’t leave the house until after 10am and at 10am I had the Previlean Twitter Chat. I’d also forgotten about the insurance inspector that was coming to the house. He was supposed to be here before 10 but arrived after so I had to tweet and scream for him. It was all sorts of awesome.

I particularly liked the part where my daughter forgot her swimsuit and now poor Lisa had to buy her one and I’ve got to pay her back. I swear that kid is going to be impersonating Cinderella for the next few days.

After the chat I had to run off for a board meeting with VTAC. VTAC is Valley Traffic Advisory Council and I’m not 100% sure that I can communicate their message well, so here’s an about page. My friend Alex seems to think it’s a good idea and so far I know we’ve raised money for car seats for families who can’t afford to replace worn ones, memorials for fallen officers and training for LAPD detectives. Next month I’ll know more, I guess I’ll know more every month. Mark your calendars for October 5th, you’ll be golfing with me. I’m a horrendous golfer but I’m enthusiastic and I’ll totally let you drive the cart.

After the VTAC meeting I was able to squeeze in for acupuncture. It’s incredible relief and it’s oddly humid today so instead of suckling a tramadol I spent 45 minutes with a few well placed needles and I feel like a new woman. I haven’t needed a pain pill since I found Marin. I’m a total skeptic but whatever hocus poke-us that woman is doing seems to work. I picked up Alexander and he’s (predictably) exhausted so we’re just sort of laying all over each other on the sofa while he does the playstation and I blog.

Of course Jessica Randazza found the one thing I absolutely MUST HAVE.


PreviLean Chat… and I’m giving away things I can’t have anyhow :(


I took the ALCAT test a bit ago and the results came in Friday’s mail. Here’s a video of me opening them (and freaking out because I’m still not sure that a life without jalapeños is a life worth living).

Part of the PreviLean package is nutritional counseling and quite often folks don’t start with their food plan/lifestyle change (it’s not a diet is it?) until after they’ve had their first counseling session. Mine is in a few hours and I’ve got two pages of questions. I don’t really know what a sensitivity is or if one recovers from them. Can I eat the foods I’m mildly sensitive to? There are a few preservatives that are in the “red zone” how do you even know when they’ve been used?

I do know that I cut out wheat and sugar and I haven’t needed Prevacid since Saturday. I’ve been taking Prevacid for over a year and it hasn’t really worked 100%. I’d assumed it was the medicines but now I’m confident it was either the wheat or the sugar. If that’s the only result I get from this I’ll be delighted.

After my call today I’ll be needing a lot of recipes so we’re going to have a twitter chat this Thursday and two participants who RSVP below will win gift cards for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I have a bunch of them around and since I don’t drink coffee the only thing I used them for was pastries… and y’all know that sad story…

Plan on joining me and Kim Grabinski of Accidental Mommies to talk about learning new ways to eat healthier. Also joining us will be the team from PreviMedica. Be sure to follow everyone on twitter:

@JessicaGottlieb (me)
@WhatsThatSmell (Kim)
@PreviMedica (the official PreviMedica twitter id)
@AmyPieczarka (director of nutrition services and the lady whose name I mangled in the video)

RSVP here with your name and twitter id for the first #PreviLean twitter chat on Thursday July 12 at 10am pacific time (that’s 1pm eastern)