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Jessica Gottlieb

This is a Real Commercial

And I’m not adding any commentary because I don’t want to offend anyone.

Oh who the hell am I kidding?

Is this for real? For a commercial they can’t put them in something a little cuter? I’m guessing that lady has a great body, show it and for the love of all things holy do your […]

Jamie Lynne Grumet Breastfeeds on the Cover of TIME Magazine

Does this help or hurt attachment parenting?

A Strange Note I left Myself

I don’t know who said it or I’d happy attribute it to them, but I opened up my notes folder in my email and found the following: The more success you have the more difficult it is to be uninhibited because you come to like the success and are afraid of losing […]

$50 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gift Card Giveaway.

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Saving Obese Children Surgically?

This Sunday’s New York Times has an article that took my breath away. It follows the journey of a teenage girl who opts for the lap band in order to cure her of morbid obesity. The story is heart wrenching in every way, from the sad fact that a teenage girl would weigh close […]

Star Struck

We have a good number of celebrity parents roaming the neighborhood. The kids go to school and to camp with kids whose families have security plans. Some of the parents are film actors, some are TV, some are easily recognized and others just look familiar because they’re in everything. It’s fun to see my […]