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Jessica Gottlieb

Google Plus, SEO, Driving Traffic and Losing Friends

I’m enjoying Google Plus right now. I like the hangouts and I like the stream. I like the stream of information because it’s a small stream and it’s not super spammy, yet.

With twitter and with facebook I’m connected to a lot of bloggers just like myself. Bloggers love to promote their work. Bloggers are […]

A Little Preview

Later this week I’ll be announcing a partnership, but in the interim I’ve got this special deal to share with y’all.

I know it’s weird if you’re a regular reader, but when we talk about it next week it won’t seem so out of context.

FYI yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with a one […]

Twitter for Good

I’m anxious to read this book. I like that Claire talks about Pepsi using Twitter for good,¬†because¬†you might recall that I was a little bit involved in their first campaign. She also talks about Invisible People which is amazing…

But mostly Claire ate Sea Urchin sashimi with me at Nobu and if that doesn’t seal […]

Cowboys and Aliens (not Cowboys and Indians) and Brendan Wayne (yep, John Wayne’s Grandson)

We just got home from watching Cowboys and Aliens with half the neighborhood kids. They still think Brendan is pretty cool, which, if you watch the video, matters.

I Curbed My Enthusiasm

Mr G and I were invited to a dinner party last night. When we first started dating it seemed like we were at a dinner party every week, and then something changed, maybe it’s because we all started having kids, but the dinner parties turned to potlucks and my flirty dresses became jeans and […]

Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis Almost a Year Later

People ask me about my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most days I smile and say something to make them feel better, because really that’s why they’re asking.

I went from 60 to zero in a matter of days. I went from running, loping really, long distances to needing naps twice daily and being unable to uncurl my […]