Overheard at Dinner

The CFO: Oh, tell the bakers about your blogs The Bakers: [in unison] Oh, what do you blog about. Me: Anything, everything, maybe you if you’re interesting. Now everyone giggles and watches what they say. Fucking alarmists. And then Husband Baker tried to bring me back into the fold. Because, apparently I’m such a bad Jew that these days the other Jews notice. Grr… I’ll trade them one Shabbat for a molten lava chocolate cake.

Soccer Week One

Girls 6-2, Jane’s goal was lovely. Boys 6-0, Alexander’s two assists were brilliant. I have a player who is a bit of a mystery to me. I had her two years ago, and I know she’s one of the best in the league. Last year her coach accused me of sandbagging him with a crappy player and a high rating. I expected her to have slowed down or something. Today she scored two goals, had half a dozen breakaways and threw her body on the ball as aggressively as any …


Games begin today. Heaven help us. Two dinners a week are already shot. I’m exhausted.

Little Fucker

July 2008: purchase hamster for my son’s birthday. August 2008: come to enjoy hamster August 28: Hamster escapes cage August 29 AM: Hamster is seen under sofa, unfortunately small lizard is also seen under sofa. We have never purchased a lizard. Oooooh mysterious…