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Friday Confession

I don’t care what they say.

He’s my friend and my doctor, and he hasn’t been convicted.

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

And the accolades go to…. The guy who beats Rihanna? Say it ain’t so, tell me that isn’t presenting my tween a domestic abuser as someone to look up to.

Now That Harvard Has a Sullied Reputation

It’s not according to me, it’s the New York Times and the Chronicles of Higher Ed

Do you think we can start trusting ourselves a little more?
I have two degrees, and two children. Guess which duo gives me more expertise?

Unlike the nightly news, I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you how to interpret this.

The […]

Harvard Says What?

Another study that says what we all knew. Article: Television Viewing in Infancy and Child Cognition at 3 Years of Age in a US Cohort Sounds very Harvard-y doesn’t it? Well, don’t be fooled. Let me break it down for you, this make take 17 minutes, so you can pop a DVD in for the […]

Why I blog

I know this blog sort of looks like it came out of nowhere. It didn’t.

I’m not new to blogging, to social media, to influencing; I’m just newly putting my real name out there.

The reason I started blogging was because of gay rights. I’m not gay, I don’t have anyone in my family who is […]

Bail Them Out: Save Detroit

Right now my friend Liz is having a heart attack. Based on the post title she’s probably already walked away from the screen, but give me a minute y’all. I haven’t gone socialist on you. I’m just really tired. I was at the LA Auto show in 2008 and I had the pleasure of meeting […]