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Gun Advocates try to Disseminate the Bill of Rights, Hilarity Ensues

The second amendment reads:
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
Apparently Piers Morgan doesn’t like guns. I haven’t seen this show (yet) so I’m not sure what he’s done but in the small interviews I’ve […]

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Congratulations Parents: You Just Bought Your Child a Kevlar Suit of Fear

Parents are buying their children bulletproof backpacks. Military fathers are standing guard at their children’s schools.


A man went on the local news with a watch that looks like it’s from a Dick Tracy cartoon and had Marc Klass tell us that it would have saved his daughter’s life. I think that’s a stretch.

My friend […]

Ask a Forensic Psychiatrist How to Prevent Mass Shootings

This is from 2009. I offer you this video without commentary. It says everything.

It’s Not Like You Need ALL Ten Toes: Plastic Surgery for High Heels

The title of CBS News’ story is Women Undergoing Foot Surgery to Fit into Heels Better. I saw it and thought, “Old news. Everyone gets those collagen injections into the balls of their feet so they can toddle around in sky high heels. Some women have collagen injections to make their feet look younger.” […]

Omitting a Natural Disaster

One of my readers contacted me and was disappointed that I hadn’t mentioned Superstorm Sandy. First of all he’s one of my favorite readers and when I get an email from him or a comment my heart soars and I believe that my little corner of the web is bringing people pleasure. His few words might […]

First I Put on Makeup with a Trowel and Then I Slept

At 4.30 this morning a car came to pick me up. Whenever I do TV appearances I decline the car service because typically I’m going on Prime News or Jane Velez Mitchell and I go straight from taping to the grocery store or to pick up kids. This morning I’d have cried or crashed […]