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Huggies Helps Your Kids Stay In Diapers Until They’re Teenagers


When kids feel wet and uncomfortable they start to potty train.

With Huggies new TweetPee you can get a mobile notification every time your kid pisses. This is awesome for a number of reasons:

  • You don’t have to actually touch your kid or pay attention to them to find out that a diaper is wet
  • Those diapers that are supposed to keep your kid dry for more than one urine event can get replaced two or three times as quickly as before.
  • More time with a cell phone! Bonus!
  • Electronics, urine and your baby’s genitalia. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Delay potty training indefinitely and you won’t have to share the bathroom. Kids are pissing and crapping all over the place

huggies tweet pee


Have I missed any other benefits?

Sometimes My Inbox Leaves Me Speechless


I wasn’t sure how to deal with this particular bit of email so I thought I’d share it with y’all without commentary.

Or maybe with commentary… I really haven’t decided yet… Anyhow this is from my inbox, unedited except to remove phone numbers. What can you possibly say to someone who sees the world this way?

Jessica Gottlieb

re: Story idea.

Dear Jessica,

Last week, a columnist at wrote an open letter to Matt Drudge asking him to stop reporting stories involving racial violence.

As the mother of a son who was recently almost killed at the hands of a black mob, I say this violence happens more than is reported.

And we need to hear about it when it does.

The people who beat my son were never arrested. I put up a web site to bring them to justice. Justice for Trevor

There is also a good book on it: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

We need more reporting on this. Not less.

And that is why I wrote this article for Matt Drudge.

I recognize this is a difficult topic for a lot of reporters. Maybe that is the best reason of all for talking about it without generalities. Without stereotypes. But with facts. Which is what this commentary does.

If you find this interesting, give me a call.


Sherry Godfrey

Springfield, Missouri

p.s. Here is a story about our experience. Justice For Trevor Godfrey in Springfield, Missouri.


Please keep telling the truth about racial violence

by Sherry Godfrey

Dear Mr. Drudge:

As the mother of a young man who was recently almost killed at the hands of black mob, I was a surprised to read a columnist pleading with you to stop reporting on racial violence.

Our family had no idea that racial violence happened so frequently — and ferociously. All over the country.

That is because it is so rarely reported.

If we would had known about it, maybe our family could have been spared almost a year of physical and mental torture.

That is why we need more reporting on this. Not less.

Our trip through hell began in January. Our son was a student at Missouri State University in Springfield when, next to his off-campus house, members of a Afro American fraternity were having a party. Also present were several members of the Missouri State University football team.

During previous – and frequent — parties there, several cars had been vandalized. So my son decided to go outside and move his. It was almost 2 a.m. and near his car a group of 20 black people gathered.

The next thing he knew, he was in the hospital with bleeding, head injuries, and missing teeth and facial lacerations.

We later found out this was the second attack from that party within 30 minutes. A few weeks later, many of the same people were at a different party where it happened again. This time the victim had been in a minor bike accident when someone from the party — 20 feet away — came over and extended a hand to help him up. Then he punched him in the face and walked away laughing.

All three attacks came in the presence of large groups of Afro-American people.

Despite the presence of dozens of witnesses, no one was arrested. Nor did the assaults rise to the level of newsworthiness in the local press.

After several months of official inaction, I started investigating the crimes myself.  So did one of the other moms. We learned from police reports and our own phone calls who was at the parties and who saw what doing what.  This information was handed over to the School officials as well as the Police.  Neither seemed interested enough to even question many of the parties listed in the police reports.  After 9 months of inaction, I decided my only hope was to get the story out there on my own.

I posted it on a web page: My family is hoping someone will come forward and say something.

But I also learned that black mob violence is an increasingly common — and ignored — fact of life in this country.

It happens in big cities where you might expect it: Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Washington, Detroit and Los Angeles. It also happens in places that are not generally thought of as centers of urban violence: Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco. It happens on college campuses. It happens in small towns like Peoria, Champaign, and now Springfield, Missouri. It happens to women, gay people, and  Asians.

A lot of it is on video. Still people deny it.

In Philadelphia, a social worker said it was just kids “blowing off some steam.” In Chicago, the Superintendent of Police blamed  Sarah Palin. In Baltimore, they focus their investigation on what the victims did to provoke the assault.

Others say it is not happening; then say the black mob violence is some kind of Karmic pay back for 400 years of white oppression.

The deniers are just as evil as the predators.

If you have never been to Springfield, there might be a  reason: Not much happens here. It is the home of Brad Pitt and Bass Pro Shops. It is a quiet and safe place to raise a family. So we thought.

After learning more about this epidemic of racial violence — well documented in Colin Flaherty1s White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it, and in the news site — I asked the police officers investigating the assault on my son if this had ever happened before in Springfield.

“All the time,” he said.

But no stories in the paper.

Newspaper editors and police administrators are scared to death of reporting on black mob violence. Many even say so. One accusation of racism can kill a career and they know it.

As a result, the attackers are bolder. Even less concerned with getting caught. So it grows.

Today people are dying. Or in the case of my son, almost dying and still suffering.   As is our entire family.  We didn’t know about the epidemic of racial violence until we read Flaherty1s book and his news stories in Now we do.

Other families need to know as well. On behalf of them, Mr. Drudge, I ask — I plead — please keep telling the truth.

And to other media outlets around the country, I also have a request of you: Please start.

Presidential Debate Recap


I love my friends.

More About the Tail and The Mangy Dog


Seth Godin has written about not letting the tail wag the dog. In lots and lots of words he says that all this social media is useless without a good product. Seth is absolutely correct.

On a social media level I think Zappos fails. I hate that they say their CEO reads everything, yet any idiot knows he’s not reading it all. Here’s how every email starts:

Hello, Thank you for emailing Tony. Although Tony receives over 2,000 emails a day and doesn’t have time to respond to all of them himself, rest assured that he reads EVERY email he receives. We are currently working on the implementation of a chip in Tony’s brain that automatically responds to emails with the response he would give but it’s going to take some time. But have no fear, Tony has developed a small team to address the issues for him.

I hate that they hired the meanest PR firm to ever invade the blogosphere. I hate that they try and sell Tony’s dumb book on every email they send you. Here’s how every email ends:

PS. In September of last year, Tony locked himself in a cabin at Lake Tahoe. He was working on a book titled “Delivering Happiness” that’s now due to be published on June 7! You can pre-order it on Amazon: a look inside Zappos!

Follow Tony on Twitter!

So yeah, their social media sucks, but they carry good shoes. I like that I can order Alexander four pair of shoes in three sizes each, and then return all but two pair with no shipping fees. I really do like that. I like that I can shop by size, by brand or by color and not leave my house. I like not being at the shoe store with an eight year old boy. Soon he will be nine, and in a blink he will be ten, and I’m pretty sure shopping will change.

I absolutely detest Zappos social media. I get really angry when I think that just a year ago they invited to me to follow Tony around Las Vegas HQ for a few days, and then they hired an angry woman that would use her entire PR Firm (do not underestimate the power of a PR firm) to bully a mom blogger while she asserts that, “PR agencies are hired by clients to do many things, but most importantly, they are hired to secure positive, free coverage across all media — TV, print, radio, internet, social and blogosphere.” Which (according to well respected PR pros) is not exactly accurate.

The bottom line? I love Zappos. I love them so much that when they launched their couture selection they would call me at home to make sure all my needs were met. I had direct lines for sales people there. I’m fairly certain that I’ve spent five figures with Zappos (shut UP and don’t tell Mr. G.).

I’ll keep spending money at Zappos, because they have have great products and great service. See, PR really doesn’t matter much, and apparently blogging matters even less.

Why I’m Against Gay Marriage


I was on the phone last night with my friend Rose who sells stuff on eBay and… well, I’ll just share our conversation with you, and you’ll see why it’s so important to uphold Prop 8 and make sure gays can not ever marry.

ROSE: It’s amazing, almost all of my customers are gay men. It’s like they’re the only ones who have any money left.

ME: It’s a deep recession. Maybe even a depression.

ROSE: But the men have the money. I guess it’s because they don’t have kids.

ME: Kids are expensive. Divorces too, they cost a fortune.

ROSE: So, if gays can marry and have kids, they’ll run out of money.

ME: I think they can already have kids.

ROSE: Oh, but they can’t adopt.

ME: Are you sure?

ROSE: Well I don’t want them to, or they won’t buy my stuff.

ME: Oh, well in that case we should be very clear and make sure there is no gay marriage…

ROSE: or else they’ll run out of money too….

ME: because if they can marry they’ll divorce and…

Well, you can see where it went from there.

So, if you care about the economy even a teeny tiny bit, you’ll see that it’s very important to keep a segment of the population disenfranchised and just a little bit segregated.

But not all the way, because that would be mean. You can still pray for them.

Twitter Twouble


Y’all keep asking me what twitter is.



See Me On The CBS Evening News


CBS Covering the Inauguration party

Thanks Dave, you really made me feel comfortable.

Okay PETA, it Worked, I mentioned You


Remember when I grossed you out with the Storchen restaurant story?

It seems that the idiots activists at PETA have asked Ben and Jerry’s to do the same. Yes, PETA wants B&J to use mothers milk for ice cream. Further proof that they are ‘tards.

I will drink mothers milk when PETA provides me with a board member who has survived without animal research.

That means:

  • no asprin
  • no penicillin
  • no western medicine developed before 1995
  • no immunizations
  • certainly no fertility treatments
  • no birth control

On Sizism and Fatphobia


It’s discriminatory when I pay for an airplane seat and you overflow onto mine.
Your size discriminates against me.

Heh, discrimination, what a load of shit.