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My First Untenable Business (as an adult)

Shortly after Jane was born and I came out of my post partum haze I realized I was bored. I loved being home with my daughter but I needed a hobby and I needed one quickly. We bought a house when she was 6 or 7 weeks old. I spent a few months painting […]

In Case You Were Worried

There was almost a tragedy here. You see there’s this pair of booties that I’d been coveting.

Like everything covetable they were ridiculously expensive and teetering into the range of overpriced. So I waited. Then I waited some more. Then Christmas week arrived and they were 40% off at Bloomingdales and I thought about it. […]

The Unlikely Feminists

Thanks to William for this wonderful guest post. You can follow him on twitter at @willibaldoea

Say what you will about the Kardashian sisters, but they’re smart ladies. They’ve managed to spin an entire empire out of nothing (well, maybe a sex tape, but…).

Their ability to get people talking should be noted, because people certainly do talk […]

A Little Too Much of Everything

I didn’t write much last week because I had too much free time. It sounds strange but it’s true, mostly. Jane is away at camp and Alexander came home over the weekend. I spent the week alternately working too hard and playing too hard, each method was a failed attempt to not miss the […]

The Playroom Needs to Grow Up

When we bought this house eight or nine years ago air mattresses weren’t something you’d put guests on. They were hot and they leaked air so your friends would have their hips on the floor by 3am. We have an extra bedroom. A bedroom that used to be a master suite so it seemed […]

There’s a Reason We Give Girl Gifts and Boy Gifts

I’m quick to shop but slow to wrap gifts so it was the day of the first night of Hanukkah when I sat down to wrap the kids’ gifts. I put a pile in place for Jane and a pile in place for Alexander. I looked at my daughter’s pile and I looked at […]