The Penis Threat

Sexual assault victims are routinely harassed, blamed, or questioned about their role in the crime. In no other setting is the victim routinely queried about their consent.

I Miss Jonathan Gold (and Anonymous Food Critics in General)

I ate at Park’s BBQ in Koreatown with a group of ten girlfriends recently and as much as I enjoyed it, I sat thinking of Jonathan Gold rather than the mountain of marinated meat in front of me. Not the Jonathan Gold of The City of Gold, but the Jonathan Gold of 2009 who ate at a restaurant repeatedly and anonymously and told us not just about the food and the service but the history of the food and of its ingredients. I miss the Jonathan Gold who reminded us that …

Logan Paul, YouTube, and Your Kids

Someone named Logan Paul posted a video of a dead man hanging from a tree. An apparent victim of suicide. Until five minutes ago the video was live and had in excess of 6.5 million views and a half a million likes. His audience is massive and skews young and male. The hanging man had a family. Presumably Logan Paul has a mother, and presumably, she’s mortified right about now. I don’t know how to tell you to talk to your kids about this. There are a lot of links on …

Are you a publicist or are you a marketer? The requests made of social media influencers really need to be clear.

New Venture. Same Baffling Problem With Outreach.

This is a very strange email thread with a company representative who really didn’t know if they were trying to work with influencers as a publicist or as a marketer. They want to dictate content as though it’s a sponsored post, however they didn’t want to pay for a sponsorship.

Stop Talking to Girls this Way

Pink posted this message to Twitter. I think it was supposed to be a jab at Kim Kardashian in all her nudity. Thanks but no thanks. You do not get to tell other women that using their body, their sex, their tits or their asses to get attention isn’t okay when this is your profile picture. That’s not how the world works. Girls and young women may or may not use T&A to get ahead. Pink is certainly familiar how that works for us in certain industries. Proof:   You can …