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A Troubling Trend in Travel

Stay in Costa Rica sells/gives information to Trip Advisor.

Trunx Free Photo Storage Offer & Giveaway

So I downloaded Trunx, gave it permission to store my photos and sat back in delight and watched the past 7 years appear in a beautiful timeline organized by date. I was able to scroll through and delete a few photos (how many pictures of my car's thermometer reading "perfect weather" have I taken?). I can even delete them by group.

Money Alone Won’t Fix the Terrible Decisions

This Holiday Season’s feel good story starts with an extraordinarily well written blog post about poverty and the terrible decisions poor people make. Linda is the sort of writer that makes you pause and reevaluate everything you know to be true. Linda gave us 24 hours of poverty (plus or minus a few years) […]

Working With

I’ve spent the past three months calling my friends and colleagues on the phone and saying, “Can I pay for a trip to the dentist?” That’s when most of them stutter, mention something about dentists being sadists and every so often I hear faint weeping before they hang up on me.

Okay, I exaggerated. Sort […]

Tutorial: Blocking Sites or Fan Pages from Your Facebook Feed

Earlier this week I bragged a little about the fact that I no longer had Upworthy in my Facebook timeline (we all have our own little victories, don’t judge).

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Zorbit’s Math Endorsement

Sometimes it’s hard for bloggers to know what to do when we fall in love with a product, app or locale that isn’t an exact match for the things we talk about every day but is still something we want to share with our readers. Recently I had that conundrum with Zorbits Math.

You see […]