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Women Don’t Care About Horsepower and Other Myths

Every so often an event rolls through town that captures one or more of my passions. I have to be passionate to leave the house on a school night. If I’m going to be honest about my default refusal to leave the house it’s actually because the kids and Mr. G are trapped here […]

The Problem is that My Job is Your Hobby

As is my habit first thing in the morning I poke around Facebook. I do this in part to take the pulse of the day (being in Los Angeles we’re three hours behind many trends) and I do it because there’s nothing for me to do in the morning except wait for the kids […]

Getting Pitched by a Fake Employee

This morning I got an email about a stealth startup. It was fishy and I wondered aloud (by aloud I mean on Facebook) who would answer an email like this.

It’s not horrible that Amanda is asking for me to work for them without knowing what the product is. It’s not horrible that Amanda sent […]

A Troubling Trend in Travel

Stay in Costa Rica sells/gives information to Trip Advisor.

Trunx Free Photo Storage Offer & Giveaway

So I downloaded Trunx, gave it permission to store my photos and sat back in delight and watched the past 7 years appear in a beautiful timeline organized by date. I was able to scroll through and delete a few photos (how many pictures of my car's thermometer reading "perfect weather" have I taken?). I can even delete them by group.

Money Alone Won’t Fix the Terrible Decisions

This Holiday Season’s feel good story starts with an extraordinarily well written blog post about poverty and the terrible decisions poor people make. Linda is the sort of writer that makes you pause and reevaluate everything you know to be true. Linda gave us 24 hours of poverty (plus or minus a few years) […]