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What’s your favorite family activity that burns calories and puts a smile on your face?


Right now we don’t do much that gets calories burning for the adults. Alexander can’t keep up on a long hike, and although I enjoy riding bikes, playing sports and hikes with the kids, it’s not exactly a cardio workout for Mr. G. and me.

I used to push the kids all over Los Angeles in the double stroller. We’re at an in between time right now.

What about you?

What things do you know you can count on your family for?


This is such a funny question. I’m a mom blogger. What DON’T I get from my family?

Our parents babysit the kids. I have to say that Grandparents make the most amazing babysitters. When I call my mom and ask her if she can pick the kids up after school (or camp) for me, she typically says, “I have an appointment, but I’ll change it. I’ve been hoping you would call.” Yes, really. I have babysitters that I could charge for the honor of taking care of my kids.

I do know how lucky I am.

Our kids shower us in love and entertainment. I just live for the moments when they fling their arms around me. I count on them to give my days joy. And also, they are funny. Ridiculously funny.

It’s been almost a full year of Albert Pujols (pronounced Poo-Holes) jokes, at the dinner table no less.

And my husband, he is everything. Quite simply, I rely on that man for everything, and conversely there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for him.

Family. Good Stuff

Backyard games, summer camp, trips to the pool… what’s your favorite childhood memory of summer?


Just one?

Is it just me, or does the word “summer” let you hear the waves crashing? I can sit here and smell the ocean, while I feel the hot sun, and taste the salt on my lips. I loved living on the beach, and particularly knowing that sunbathing was an activity.

Laying in the sun was considered doing something. Amazing.

And artichokes, eating artichokes in the back yard, while butter dripped down our hands.

What would you do with an army of minions who would do whatever you tell them?


Heh. Laundry, and maybe dusting too.

I know it’s shallow, but I’m okay with that. I would live in the world’s cleanest house. My floorboards would gleam, and I wouldn’t have to bring my laundry upstairs again, ever.

I understand there are wiser ways to use minions, you could make yourself fabulously wealthy, you could combat global warming, or even start a religion. Why not, right?

My life is perfect, with two big exceptions. I hate putting away the folded laundry, and I hate dusting the floorboards. Clearly I need minions.


What’s the best new place you’ve ever found using your phone?


Yelpers, I want to hear from you. What’s your best find?

I just text my friend Jay and ask him what’s good. I’m pretty sure he’s finding it on Yelp or Urban Spoon.

Also, has anyone else noticed that google maps has a number of businesses on them? I end up using it even though my new car has GPS, because I can see the whole neighborhood.

Do your kids respond better and faster when you text or call them?


We are a texting family.

As you might recall, Jane got a cellphone for her 11th birthday, and all she really wanted was a QWERTY keyboard. She wanted bright colors too, but mostly she wanted to type. She types quickly, and I find that texting is what works best for our family.

My friend Amy had warned me that texting would be where we were headed, she explained to me that kids didn’t want to stop doing whatever activity they are engaged in to talk to their moms. She also explained to me that kids would reply to text messages because they are short. Naturally, Amy was right.

I don’t often ask Jane to make certain to answer her phone. At this  moment in time that would be a setup for failure. For some reason it’s just too much for her, but returning a text message is not.

What about you?

Getting a flat tire, running late to pick the kids up from school, rescheduling a missed flight while at the airport…We’ve all used our mobile phones to get us out of jam. When has your mobile phone helped save the day?


I think I’m unusual, in that I’m a forty year old woman who has had a cell phone for the past twenty two years. 

I love that short quick connections are so easy. I want to tell you that I’m always on time, never over-scheduled and forever organized, but that would be a lie. My friends and I are constantly calling one another with a, “can you pick up my kids?” or a, “if you’re at the grocery store would you mind…”

My home phone has gotten lonely. I’m never home anymore, heck I’m typing this from the school office.

When most of us were kids, answering the phone during dinner was frowned upon. What rules have you established for your children’s cell phone habits?


Oh I’d forgotten that, and remember how rude it was considered to call someone during the dinner hour. We don’t have devices at the table. Even though my son doesn’t have a cell phone yet, he’d be just as likely to bring his iTouch to the table if he thought he could get away with it.

My daughter is eleven and she’s aware that her cell phone is only technically hers. I read all incoming and outgoing text messages, and she knew when we bought it that would be the deal. We’re teaching our kids that everything you write, in every venue should be considered public, and your Mom should be comfortable reading it.

We’re working on the manners, you know what I’m talking about; not using the phone in the middle of the grocery store, no loud talking… the subtleties. I often remind the kids that I’m not trying to punish them, I’m helping them learn something new.