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In Case You Were Worried


There was almost a tragedy here. You see there’s this pair of booties that I’d been coveting.

Fendi booties

Like everything covetable they were ridiculously expensive and teetering into the range of overpriced. So I waited. Then I waited some more. Then Christmas week arrived and they were 40% off at Bloomingdales and I thought about it. Then there was another 20% off and I thought, “Why the hell not?” And a trigger was pulled.

Of course by the time they got to be 40% off and then another 20% off on top of that for a grand total of 52% off (trust me on the math okay) all the good sizes were gone. By “good” sizes I mean my size. The guy in the shoe department gave me a song and dance about how there are only 3 pair left in the system and he’d order them and hope they arrived.

When we came back from our trip I was greeted by an enormous box from Bloomies and I assumed it was my new bed linens. Remind me to tell you about my new bed… actually remind me to buy a new bed. All we have now is a mattress set. The bedroom is looking a little neglected.

The box. The box was massive and rattly and lo and behold it had my booties in it. I squeed a little and slipped them onto my feet. They would have fit  if my toes naturally came together into a perfect little point. I love everything about these shoes except they’re torture devices.

I did what every blogger does when shoes don’t fit and there are no replacements to be had. I tweeted.

And Bethany answered.

I was actually considering keeping the shoes because I love them so much but then a few minutes later Bethany tweeted this


I took it as a sign and last night I packed up my booties and headed to Bloomies for a refund. I also needed to grab some Wen at Sephora. So I did the late night bootie return. I was wearing my son’s favorite outfit. Yoga pants, a tee, Nikes and a smattering of cat fur. I hear it’s like glitter for the lonely. I walked up to the shoe department and asked to return the shoes.

“Fendi runs really small.” Karen in shoes said, “Would you like the next size up?”

I stammered, “You have the next size up? Will you honor the sale price?”

When the answers were yes and yes I almost cried and Karen disappeared into wherever shoe people go to retrieve me a yellow box of self esteem.

I practically danced out of Bloomies with my new shoes at the old price and popped into Sephora where I picked up some hair conditioner and lip treatment. My kids are dying in the heater/air conditioning climate we’re currently in. While checking out at Sephora I flipped past a $50 Bloomingdales coupon that expires on January 8th.

“What day is it?” I asked the clerk. She checked her register and told me it was the 6th and I fairly ran out of Sephora to Bloomies.

“Hi Karen, you’re not going to believe this. I found a coupon!” I declared, wrongly thinking she’d be happy for me.

“Oh those never work on Fendi.” She said, “But we can try.”

So for the second time in 20 minutes I returned a pair of booties and a miracle of all miracles occurred and the $50 coupon worked.

So basically my shoes were ThisClose to free. Or not. But they fit and I’m going to wear them everywhere so get used to them.

Random Things I Want to Tell You


The LA mayors race is an important one. Do the right thing and vote for Garcetti. He’s been great for Hollywood and he’s the only candidate capable of leading our city. Also Daphne told me to say this and Daphne is obviously the boss of us all.

Here’s a video of a 90 year old woman doing a double back flip. You want to see this, it’s only 30 seconds.

My daughter has a tumblr and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Do I make an exit as she makes an entrance? Are there any mom bloggers whose children are blogging now? Links! I want to know how this balancing act is accomplished.


Yesterday I had my Global Entry interview and it was quick and efficient. With Global Entry you can bypass the line at customs and you just sort of swipe your passport through a machine that looks like an ATM. No fuss, no lines, no waiting. As an added bonus you get to use the trusted travelers line with TSA Pre✓ and you don’t have to take your shoes off at a lot of airports or get your laptop out of the bag. The best part? It’s $100 for five years and if you have an AMEX Platinum it’s free. I’ll do a full post on AMEX Platinum one day but I assure you it’s the best couple of hundred dollars I spend every year. It usually pays for itself by February.

I’m planning a return to Australia for a one day rheumatology symposium. I’ll be presenting with Dr. Irwin Lim and I’m incredibly flattered and nervous. I’m going to talk about what it’s like to be the patient and how we search for information. I hope they aren’t horrified.

Also, Jane is reading To Kill a Mockingbird so now I am too. She’s at Chapter 7, I’m finishing up Chapter 2. I’ve never read the book or seen the movie (I know…) but I had to pick up a copy for myself after hearing Jane rant about how ill behaved Scout is. I’m not quite sure what to make of her reaction.

Also I bought these shoes and I love them so much but they made my foot bleed after just two hours. I’ve decided that this needs to be my biggest personal tragedy of 2013.

alexander mcqueen skull ballet flats

The single best Mothers Day gift I can recommend is perfume from Pure Natural Diva. PND Botanicals has a great option where you buy Mom a gift certificate for their favorite scent. Of course Mom has no way of knowing her favorite scent over the internet so PND sends her a 3 or 4 samples and when she picks a favorite they fulfill with a full sized bottle. This is perfect for someone like me who sometimes loves the perfume they sample and then at the end of the day I’ll find that it doesn’t react well with my skin. For the record I love Pure.



Tough Stuff: RokBed V3 Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Review


Thanks in advance to William Vega, contributing writer, for another great post. 

There’s a reason I have an S3: I like its slim form factor.

The holidays have left my pants feeling a bit tighter, and I really can’t deal with a rectangular bulge in my pocket. Not only is it unsightly (and so clearly not the kind of bulge I want to be showing off), but it’s uncomfortable. It’s why I made it a point to buy my S3 only when I knew slim silicone covers were available. Like a condom, I wanted my cover to be as unobtrusive and smooth as possible… for my pleasure.

Enter the Rokbed case from RokForm.

I won’t lie. I decided to give this case a try because it comes with a mount for the car, and I’m tired of putting my phone alternately between my thighs (try explaining that reach to the neighboring car), on the dash (watch is slide!), or in my cup holder (oh, look, it fell). So in the interest of getting the most out of my GPS, I slid this not-so-little guy on.

The RokBed case is a tank.

The bottom part of the case slides out so you can slide the phone in, but I didn’t notice this feature. Instead, I snapped the phone into place and proceeded to try and remove it for the next 10 minutes. I almost thought I’d have to break the case to retrieve my phone, which, in hindsight, is not a terrible thing. Consider children who play with phones: if they can’t remove the case, then chances are they won’t break or otherwise damage it. Impressive feat.

Despite its sturdiness, though, the case still presented a few issues for me.

Because the S3 is such a sleek phone, the hard keys are only slightly raised on its side. With the RokBed on, these keys are buried under the bulk of the case, making it all but impossible to easily reach the hard keys. And while this might simply take some getting used to, it presents a real problem for covertly silencing your phone while it rings in your pocket. No way you’re getting to those keys.

The biggest disappointment for me had to be the mount, since the included piece is flat and has a one-time use adhesive. And because the case mounts from the back, the phone has to be placed right in front of you on a surface parallel with your body. Unfortunately, there is no room on my SUV’s console – which is completely flat – to attach this case. My only other options are on top of the dash (but that would mean the phone lies flat on its back, making it impossible for me to see the display) or on the windshield, which is slanted and would face the phone away from my direct line of sight. Plus, I don’t want an unsightly mount piece permanently stuck to my windshield.

There are few ways around this problem, but they unfortunately require that you purchase additional equipment, like the v3 Suction Mount, which retails for $49 from RokForm. But when you take into account the fact that this case already goes for $45, you’re paying nearly $100 for the convenience of a mount that offers more versatility.

The included mount would be fine if it were suction-cup and not adhesive-based. At least then you could put it where it was most convenient, depending on your dashboard or console configuration. This is unfortunately not the case.

Still, if what you are looking for is a sturdy case, and you don’t much care for maintaining the sleekness of your device (as I suspect many of those iPhone 5 users with the monster cases don’t), then this case is definitely worth it. It will protect your phone and keep young children, or at the very least disgruntled PhD students, from removing the case easily.

Additionally, the back of the case comes with a no-slip grip (with magnet), which works wonderfully if you place the phone on your dashboard and don’t want it to slip out of sight. This is how I will be using mine from now on, since it keeps the phone within reach (and ear-shot for GPS), but I realize this is something I could have added to my existing case on my own for much less than $45.

Over all, this is an excellent case, just not for every user.

If what you want is protection, it’s a worthwhile investment. But if what you’re looking for is an unobtrusive case with mounting functionality at a reasonable price, consider the purchase carefully before mounting this beast.

RokBed close up

RokBed V3 Samsung Galaxy S3 clear case

RokBed V3 Samsung Galaxy S3 protective case

RokBed V3 Samsung Galaxy S3 case

RokBed V3 Samsung Galaxy S3


Is Brad Pitt is the First first Chanel N°5 Man


I know I’m not supposed to care but….

I’m Not a Good Person


I’ve decided that this is the next gift I’ll buy my husband.

Everyone knows that Little Giraffe is the perfect luxe baby blanket (and my go-to gift). Apparently I’m the only person who didn’t realize they have satin cover ups lined in faux fur.

I’m totally buying one of these for Mr. G when his birthday rolls around in November… because ya know… I enjoy an oversized robe.

$210 at

Kimmie Kyees Nails and Katy Perry Eyes


Last week I was invited to an event for Eyelure and Elegant Touch at ULTA. It’s no secret that I love lashes. My favorite part of being on TV is getting lashes but I’ve never actually applied them myself. When the folks at ULTA told me I could bring my daughter to their event I did what every good blogger does. I brought an extra teen (I know… so tacky).

The girls had a great time because nothing but good things happen when you’re wandering around a beauty supply that’s the size of an airplane hangar. They both got Katy Perry Lashes and LOVED them.

And later that night we all put on our own Elegant Touch nails. Jane chose French Tip because she can’t wait to grow up.

And I chose pink with polka dots because I know that being a grown up is overrated.

I prefer a short square nail for typing (and for life). These take about 5 minutes to put on and if you shape them you might need another five.

Lashes are $5.99 to $6.99 at ULTA

Nails are $6.99 to $8.49 also at ULTA

Thanks to everyone at ULTA who spoiled the girls and made them feel special.

Betty White, Previlean, Eylashes and The Beach


Tomorrow I’ll give you the Betty White backstory but today y’all can see what I did this morning by watching this video.

I dragged William along with me and he took great video but I think the folks from P&G slipped him some cash because his focus was a little off when it was time to pictures.

From Betty and Tide I ran home to have a G+ hangout with Previlean. I’ll post it to my YouTube channel later this week so y’all can have some of your questions answered.

After the hangout I had to go to the beach because Jane needed to be picked up there. Shockingly I was an hour and a half early so I had to lay on the towel that I just happened to have with me and read my book that I just happened to bring along.

Parenting can be difficult.

From the beach I ran to UCLA to grab Alexander from tennis camp, it took an hour and fifteen minutes to get from Sunset and PCH to UCLA. This is not a tenable situation. LA needs to make some changes stat.

I flung a little food at as all and took Jane and a friend to an eyelash and fake nail (Eylure and Elegant Touch) event at ULTA. I am a huge fan of nail stickers because I hate waiting for polish to dry and I love doing my nails in bed. I’m also a fan of fake lashes. When the girls saw the Katie Perry eyelashes they freaked out.

So now I’m the cool mom and really that’s all that counts. More on the lashes and nails later because they deserve a video of their own. Also they gave gift bags to both of the girls (which was outrageously generous and totally unnecessary) so I declare ULTA, Eylure and Elegant Touch heroes of the day.

Win a Pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes


Of course there’s another amazing start up coming out of Los Angeles (Silicon Beach if you will). This time Brian Lee, the founder of Honest Company, Shoedazzle and Legal Zoom has come up with a new, fun way to shop exclusive deals from your favorite brands and celebrities.

TopFloor will be using entertaining videos to make discovering new and interesting products effortless and enjoyable (ummmm hellllllooooooo… shopping on the internet is always fun there’s no three way mirror and fluorescent lighting).

TopFloor hasn’t launched yet, but they’re getting ready to – and to celebrate they’re giving away 4 pairs of Christian Louboutins!

Let’s be frank, I recently sold my last remaining Louboutins after trying to give them to my daughter for a school dance. I’m sort of “over” the red sole but then I was killing time in the shoe section at Barneys and saw these.

And then angels sang I realized that I did, in fact, still love some of what Christian Louboutin makes.

They’re giving away shoes in four separate waves of giveaways so you can enter during each of the four giveaway periods (and I will remind y’all)

Giveaway Details

TopFloor is giving away one pair of Christian Louboutins every two weeks until October 8th. The entry periods are:

Entries for first Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on AUGUST 13, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on AUGUST 27, 2012.
Entries for the second Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on AUGUST 27, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on SEPTEMBER 10, 2012.
Entries for the third Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on SEPTEMBER 24, 2012.
Entries for the fourth and last Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on OCTOBER 8, 2012.

Good luck and if you win please send me a photo of yourself in your new shoes.

Celine Aviator Sunglasses


I just had to have these. I’ve always wanted aviators but I don’t love the round look that Ray Ban has. Celine aviators are surprisingly sturdy and didn’t break the bank.


It’s delightfully tacky that you can see the full selfie in their reflection, no? Well, at least I’m wearing my seatbelt.


Shoes and Shirts Required


Here’s a little video about today’s shopping. It involves Barneys, Nordstrom, shoes for him, shoes for her, silk shirts and an AMEX that would groan if it was human.