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Travel Notes from my Son

ME: Hey Alexander. Look at this great vacation my friend is taking in Jamaica.

We look together at Kris’ Instagram stream

ALEXANDER: Where is that?

ME: Jamaica

ALEXANDER: Isn’t Jamaica dangerous?

ME: Not in resorts it’s not. [I then show him the resort website]

ALEXANDER: But resorts are boring.

ME: You liked Costa Rica.

ALEXANDER: I liked Costa Rica outside of the […]

A Troubling Trend in Travel

Stay in Costa Rica sells/gives information to Trip Advisor.

Thanksgiving in New York City (with a teen and a tween)

I have included a list of links at the end of the post.

Traveling with a 15 year old girl and a 12 year old boy and two (very young) parents requires flexibility and the knowledge that not everyone will have their needs met at the same moment in time. Every day every member of […]

Falstaff at the LA Opera, My Mom, Real and Fake Food

You don’t have to love the Opera to love a trip backstage to learn about the LA Opera, but it sure does help. So when someone emailed me from the LA Opera asking if I’d like a tour of backstage and to learn about the food they use for Falstaff I was really excited […]

Viceroy Hotel Palm Springs: A Really Great Weekend at a Really Not-Great Hotel

Whenever we go to the desert we stay at the northern end. La Quinta is a favorite, the JW Marriott is less wonderful but still good, the Westin is good as is the Miramonte. Every time we go (which isn’t as often as it used to be) we think we should stay in Palm […]

An Open Letter to the Management of The Regency Hyatt Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach

I’ve just returned home from two nights at The Regency Hyatt Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach. The kids and I used just about every part of the Resort in two and a half days.

Before showing up I booked a conference room with Courtney Braz for a series of focus groups. It was painless. […]