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We Don’t Celebrate Bs

When Jane was in 6th grade she struggled with organization. Homework and other assignments were constantly getting lost or not turned in. One semester she had a C in something, English perhaps, and was able to turn it around into a nice high B. Although pleased with a B I told her that we […]

The Problem is that My Job is Your Hobby

As is my habit first thing in the morning I poke around Facebook. I do this in part to take the pulse of the day (being in Los Angeles we’re three hours behind many trends) and I do it because there’s nothing for me to do in the morning except wait for the kids […]

My Desire to Shoplift Comes from Privilege

I know that white privilege exists in the US and that I’m it’s beneficiary. Denying that fact would be absurd. It’s unlikely that I’ll change it much in my lifetime and I’m never sure if I’m a fool for not taking advantage of it more or a jerk for not declining the nice things […]

That Saturday Night When We Bought Not-John a Drink

Laurie and Sean moved to San Francisco. Laurie likes the weather there, Sean likes the work there and I like nothing about the move. Not one thing. In fact I’m still having abandonment issues. Shortly after they moved Laurie was celebrating her birthday and I wanted to fly up for the weekend but my […]

Getting Pitched by a Fake Employee

This morning I got an email about a stealth startup. It was fishy and I wondered aloud (by aloud I mean on Facebook) who would answer an email like this.

It’s not horrible that Amanda is asking for me to work for them without knowing what the product is. It’s not horrible that Amanda sent […]

The Madame Next Door

Facebook is wonderful if, like me, you were raised in an eccentric town during a remarkable era. Simply looking at photos of old classmates can send you back in time. Manhattan Beach in the 70′s was a bastion of suspended childhood. Shoes and shaving were completely optional. If you were lucky enough to get […]