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Listen To Your Mother

Come see me make a fool of myself at Listen To Your Mother Orange County

Women Don’t Care About Horsepower and Other Myths

Every so often an event rolls through town that captures one or more of my passions. I have to be passionate to leave the house on a school night. If I’m going to be honest about my default refusal to leave the house it’s actually because the kids and Mr. G are trapped here […]


At 6:25 this morning I was half awake sending an email to someone from Alexander’s school when my house moved. It wasn’t a normal earthquake, it was the second largest earthquake I’d felt in my lifetime and I was scared. It’s the second time an earthquake truly scared me, the first time was in […]

Bad Words Movie and Other Wastes of Time

This time of year is a strange one. Spring Break isn’t a slow time at Mr G’s office and it’s also a spendy time of year (property taxes, tuition deposits, regular old taxes … ) so I was slow to make a travel plan and we’re a little bit stuck with a whole lot […]

2014 Hyundai Equus Signature: Obscene Luxury

I’d asked the folks at Hyundai if I could please drive the Equus. I’d heard rumors of a fully reclining passenger seat complete with massages, reclining rear seats, a spacious cabin, wood trim and heated steering wheels. I about kicked my heels up when the car arrived and there were no disappointments. I spent […]

We Don’t Celebrate Bs

When Jane was in 6th grade she struggled with organization. Homework and other assignments were constantly getting lost or not turned in. One semester she had a C in something, English perhaps, and was able to turn it around into a nice high B. Although pleased with a B I told her that we […]