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My Mother Sends Me Pictures

My Mother cannot stop taking pictures. Some of them are better than others but all of them tell you something about who she is.

We all love her and she’s the only person who seems to get a decent family photo.

Today she’s in New York and sent the following message along with another photo:

Your great […]


A good blogger would have detailed the day for you. I would tell you that I went to a new Pilates studio and was greeted by an old friend. We’d nursed our babies together and after we hugged, chatted and reminisced I had an amazing workout that left me feeling like I had the […]

Sprint M2M Sponsored a 5K to Honor Connor Lynch & I Just Cried

I’ve spent the last six months working very closely with Sprint M2M (machine to machine). In addition to a zillion other devices there are OBD2 diagnostic devices that run on the Sprint M2M network. These devices plug into the diagnostic port of your vehicle and share information with the vehicle owner.

Because I am surrounded […]

Discipline and Punishment in the Second Grade

I thought I knew what discipline meant. The Latin root is disciplina which encompasses education, training and order. Tufts says that disciplina is┬áinstruction, tuition, teaching, training, and education and I’d always known discipline to be a benign word, positive even as it relates to children and education. Unfortunately I was wrong. You see, when […]

Thanksukah and the Birthdays

Jane’s birthday is this weekend. Halloween is today. Since Jane is too old for a pi├▒ata we have to be creative about unloading the candy if she goes Trick or Treating. My son has always disliked Trick or Treating. He is much too pragmatic to be bothered begging for candy on a cold night. […]

Q: How Much Money Does McDonald’s Give to Ronald McDonald Houses? A: Not Much

If you’re ever driven past or needed one of the 322 Ronald McDonald Houses I’m assuming like me your heart warmed at the iconic clown who provides “a loving home away from home to families needing to be near their seriously ill or injured children while they’re being treated at metropolitan area hospitals.” Based […]