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Boxed Water is Better: Giveaway

My friend Stephanie is working with the folks from Boxed Water and asked me if I like it. Could she send me some water?

Well, I do like it. In fact I buy it every time I’m at Bloomingdales and my friends like it too but I couldn’t really bring myself to work for water […]

2014 Hyundai Elantra Limited Road Test

You’ve got $25,000 to spend, you want a sedan, you want good solid technology, your kids aren’t short so that back seat has to be a real one and you won’t get in anything that has less than a four star safety rating. So obviously you find yourself in the Hyundai Elantra.

It’s an unfussy car. […]

Viv Albertine: Clothes – Music – Boys

Last night I finished Viv Albertine’s memoir Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.: A Memoir. I hadn’t planned on finishing it just yet. When I have a book that I find completely engrossing I typically leave the last thirty pages and read one a day. I like to give myself a month to live […]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

I know I’ve forgotten things. I know that I’m not supposed to recommend a gardenia scented candle in the middle of winter but I refuse to believe that my home shouldn’t smell like gardenias all year long.

I don’t have a zillion kid toys listed because the reality is that kids know what toys they […]

Poodle Pancreatitis

I missed everything Tuesday. I missed most of the afternoon Sunday, all of Monday and everything Tuesday too. I missed the LA Auto Show and I missed driving Toyota’s Mirai, the new Fuel Cell Vehicle. I missed out on participating in my own life because I have a poodle with pancreatitis.

In case you were […]

Visiting Los Angeles With Kids

There are a million travel articles about how to visit Los Angeles with kids and they will tell you a lot of the same things. Go to Disneyland, go to the beach, try the El Capitan. I have been able to be Disneyland free for at least the past five years, “go to the beach” is […]