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Sorry About The Name Change

Oftentimes I find that if you begin with an apology people flip out a little bit less. It doesn’t mean I’m sincere or apologetic. It just means I can type the word Sorry.

I’m room mom for my daughter’s fifth grade class, there are 22 kids and 44 parents. There were about 30 last names.

Then […]

Tech Talk Tuesday: The Technology In Our House

Rather than talking about shareware, new sites or apps, I’d like to tell you about the technology in my home. Everything we own, we own because we love it. Not a little, but a lot. When I’ve made purchasing mistakes, I’ve returned the item. So here’s the hardware that lives in my home.


Kodak […]

Miep Gies Dies at 100

Miep Gies was an employee of Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father, and helped the family hide from the Nazi troops. I don’t really have the words for it, but my friend Amy does. Go on over there and check it out.

In the interim, I know a lot of my readers are my age. Encourage […]

AT&T Uverse Review

I have been an AT&T Uverse subscriber for about two months now. As Uverse becomes available in your neighborhood, you may be looking to add it in your home.

Let me tell you about my experience with AT&T Uverse.

I was very unhappy with Time Warner Cable, as it was unreliable at best. I spoke with […]

Friday Confession: Forbes List

This week Forbes created a list of 14 Power Women To Follow On Twitter. I am grateful, honored, privileged, and delighted to be on the list, but as with the other lists, it brings out people who are anonymous and aggressive.

I love this list, it’s kind and it’s diverse (meaning not just moms) and […]


I had a three hour tennis match today. I won’t tell you about the first set, but the second set was 4-4 and then I choked. Bad.

There is no blogging, only weeping.