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Talking To The Kids About Haiti

My answer to the question, “do you shield your children from tragedy?” is a fluid one. It changes every day, every year.

I really want to know what you do, what you hope to do, what you might have done wrong.

Alexander’s Big Day

This morning my husband needed to talk to one of his co-workers who lives around the corner, and who has two sons slightly older than Alexander. My husband and Alexander rode their bikes around the corner to go and talk and hang out. After an hour, my husband came home and Alexander stayed and […]


The fifth grade kids raised $2300 for UNICEF. It was their plan, because “President Obama told me that I could change the world”.

And they did. They changed the world, and we (the parents) watched and cheered and allowed them to be children. Because really, if you let them, children will change the world.

They changed […]

Dr. Geoge Tiller Murder On Trial

Today in Kansas the trial begins.

People will say that Scott Roeder isn’t a murderer, but that he was protecting the unborn. Listen to what they are saying.

I’m not going to argue about when life begins, but I assert that in addition to murder, this Scott Roeder hunted Dr. George Tiller and traumatized a community.

I […]

It’s Hard Being A Little Boy

Alexander woke up this morning and told me he had a sore throat and an upset stomach. He was whiny.

Here’s the thing about Alexander, when he’s really and truly sick, he’s never whiny, he’s just tired and snuggly. My little boy was a big mess of jangled nerves this morning. I sent him in […]

What Do You Call Your Vagina?

No, I’m not kidding. We all really want to know.