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More About The iPad

Some comedy just writes itself.

Car Shopping

I need two new cars this springtime. Car shopping here is always a big deal. We have high standards, and our high standards do not necessarily overlap.

My husband demands performance from his cars. He wants his car to be fast, to handle well and to be safe. He’s on his second 5 series BMW, […]


The kids are sitting with me now, doing their homework and snacking. I noticed Jane has a pimple on her chin.

I know she hasn’t been washing her face the right way, and I can help her, but sometimes that has us fighting.

I also know that if I let her get a little pimply she’s […]

Apple Announces The iPad: Not To Be Confused With Your iPeriod

Mashable (as ususal) has the best coverage of the new iPad.

It seems as though there’s something in between a laptop and an iPhone. Since I got my Nexus 1 Google Phone just yesterday, I already know that there’s something in between. It’s wonderful to be off of iTunes.

I’ll buy the iPad, even though the […]


At seven this morning his iPod was due to wake him up. I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor was blaring, and my son was sleeping soundly. I wonder what his dreams were?
Next Fluorescent Adolescent screamed from the speakers:
You used to get it in your fishnets
Now you only get it in your […]

Tech Talk Tuesday:

Last week I got an email from Bindu Reddy, inviting me to be a Premium Influencer on MyLikes. After poking around a bit, I decided that MyLikes is a community I’d like to participate in. Everything about it makes sense, as it appears to be the natural growth of Likaholix.

Rather than a traditional review, […]