Doing More Good Than Harm

The Social Media experts are at it again. They’re teaming up with businesses so that they can promote the newest widget/frankenfood/get rich quick scheme. The Social Media Experts have a lot of press. More than you could ever imagine, they’ve been on the morning talk shows, they’re regularly quoted in the newspapers (both local and


You see that big empty box at the top of the page? The one where a banner ad should go. It’s empty, and it’s not because I don’t have advertisers who would like to be there. It’s because I’m ad network free now. I’ve decided that banner ads serve little purpose, and the only one

Corn Sugar and Moms

My kids know that we don’t eat foods that have High Fructose Corn Syrup in them. My kids know that they are only allowed to eat food with ingredients they can pronounce. Hydro-Metho-Dextro-Ethate foods are not something I’d give my children, or even my dog. If the corn refiners have their way we’ll have to