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Momversation: When Someone’s Kid Gets Hurt On Your Watch

This week on Momversation Giyen Kim wants to know what happens when someone else’s kid gets hurt on your watch.

What you don’t know, is that after a party gone wrong Giyen was asking Mindy Roberts, Karen Walrond and me to tell her something to make her feel less awful. I think I did the […]

Tech Talk Tuesday: iPhone Apps For Kids

I’ve had a super busy day today, but I know many of you come here looking for technology each week.

Today I found out about a great new iPhone app. The American Museum of Natural History (you know the iconic one in New York the one everyone knows) has released an iPhone app. It’s free […]

Doppelganger Week

According to my friend Michelle, you’re supposed to change your Facebook avatar to your doppelganger this week.

That would be super easy if I’d known what a doppelganger is. Shut up, you had to google it too!

A few weeks ago my husband’s friend Joey called, he said he’d seen The Tooth Fairy and that […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here’s a list of gifts that I’d love to get or give. I’m a married woman, so whatever he spends is my money too. If I could pick anything in the world, it would be a Porsche Panamera with yachting trim or a collection of Clean Legged Bantam […]


This morning started slow. Jane slept out at a friend’s house and Alexander just wanted to wake up and watch cartoons, it was a fine day.

I ran a few errands, we dropped Alexander off with the neighbor and Mr. G. and I ran off to Beverly Hills Porsche to test drive a Mercedes they’d […]

I’ve Got Mail

Today I went to my PO Box to retrieve my mail, and there was a certified letter. I thought the same thing everyone does, “Who is suing me?” I held the letter up to the light. I was ThisClose to refusing it. Then I remembered that were I being sued, a sheriff would just […]