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The Sex Talk: Go Ask Your Father

Remember how Jane wanted to read Breaking Dawn? Well, today she asked me again, we were in the car. Jane and I were in the front seat and Alexander in the middle back. A nice little triangle. Jane asked me if I’d come to any conclusion about her reading Breaking Dawn. I told her that […]

Dr. Phil

Yes, I’m on the show tomorrow. Please set your DVR, or better yet, watch live.

That’s me looking tired. TV is exhausting.

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tavis Smiley and Goodwill

I can’t really storytell, as I’d like to, so I’ll give y’all a rundown of my day yesterday. It was quite a day. I started, as usual getting up a bit before seven, breakfast and lunches for the kids, and then driving them to school at 8. By 8.30 I was back home making beds, […]

I Promise We Are Not Destitiute

Right now, my Mom is home with my kids and I’m at the PBS press day. Jane and Alexander are absolutely thrilled to have an afternoon with Granny, and I’m enjoying an afternoon with adults. My Mother is soon to hear a phone message that will make her heart sink, and she will be too […]

Sorry About The Name Change

Oftentimes I find that if you begin with an apology people flip out a little bit less. It doesn’t mean I’m sincere or apologetic. It just means I can type the word Sorry.

I’m room mom for my daughter’s fifth grade class, there are 22 kids and 44 parents. There were about 30 last names.

Then […]

Tech Talk Tuesday: The Technology In Our House

Rather than talking about shareware, new sites or apps, I’d like to tell you about the technology in my home. Everything we own, we own because we love it. Not a little, but a lot. When I’ve made purchasing mistakes, I’ve returned the item. So here’s the hardware that lives in my home.


Kodak […]