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Friday Confession: Forbes List

This week Forbes created a list of 14 Power Women To Follow On Twitter. I am grateful, honored, privileged, and delighted to be on the list, but as with the other lists, it brings out people who are anonymous and aggressive.

I love this list, it’s kind and it’s diverse (meaning not just moms) and […]


I had a three hour tennis match today. I won’t tell you about the first set, but the second set was 4-4 and then I choked. Bad.

There is no blogging, only weeping.

Twitter Saved Me From A Cat

We have pets. We have Junior Junior is a poodle. He is filthy and currently being groomed. Junior sleeps with the children and helps to wake them up each morning. Junior is a working dog. Junior also catches birds. He is a five year old dog and he must have brought me a hundred birds, […]

Tech Talk Tuesday: Doing Good

Remember the refugees? After I finish writing this post, I’m going to bed. Upstairs, in a bed which rests above the carpet and under the roof. I am a recipient of The American Dream. The refugee dream is simpler. A tent. A tent keeps a family safe, a tent is $200. Not very much, really, […]

Are You There G-d? It’s Me, Alexander

Last week when I was in the desert with the kids I took Alexander to the book store. My husband and I both want the kids to love to read, so we’ve flooded them with everything from comic books to hardcovers. We don’t care what they read, we just want them to enjoy it. […]

I Resolve To Think A Little More About It

Mom bloggers and Publicists have a strange and necessary unnecessary parallel relationship. We both have stories to tell, and we both have a distinct point of view.

Publicists would love to reach you, my readers, my community, and at times I like to share products with you all. Where we differ, is that I’m typically […]