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Husband Tennis

Today I got to play the best of all possible games. Husband tennis.

Husband Tennis is when I get to play tennis against my husband. He is stronger, faster, and taller than I. In a real match I’d never stand a chance.

When one plays Husband Tennis you get to hit the ball as hard as […]

Eye Black, Football and High School

I’m taking a lot of flack for thinking that a teenage boy shouldn’t paint his face black for a football game.

Servite is a High School in Anaheim, CA. They have a very good football team and (I now find) a less than stellar reputation.

High School Athletics in California are still left to teachers. […]

Servite High School: Football In Blackface?

Last night I was scrolling through the channels and landed on Prime Ticket. There was a high school football game on TV that caught my eye.

A Servite High School Football Player was wearing blackface.

I don’t have it saved on DVR, but last night Prime Ticket aired the game. On the field were a […]

Tech Talk Tuesday: Kim Kardashian Stole My Brilliant Idea

Typically I wouldn’t have much to say about Kim Kardashian. She operates in a realm separate from mine. Today, however, I’d like to talk a little bit about Kim Kardashian and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

According to Ad Week, Kardashian has signed a deal to “sex up” Carls Jr. Well, I guess after the […]

Book Review: First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival

When I heard that Ken Wheaton had penned a novel I immediately asked for a review copy. The review copy arrived and then I used it to beat myself. What was I thinking? Why would I want to review Wheaton’s novel? What if it sucked? I knew Ken was from Louisiana, even with a column […]

I Married A Writer

When we met he was a screenwriter, and the first year of marriage had his writing as well. Directing was his true passion, but writing was the stepping stone that would take him there.

Those first years I watched my husband create characters and story lines. He changed with each script, morphing into a vehicle […]