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Cirque du Soleil KOOZA Review

Stunning. Go see it now.

Earlier in the month the folks at Cirque Du Soliel gave my family passes to see their newest show Kooza. As the Sunday evening rolled around my husband and son were too tired from baseball and soccer to attend. My son is eight years old, I think on a good […]

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Vision and Dental and Healthcare Oh My!

Earlier this week the house passed a healthcare reform bill. It is a 2,000 plus page document and I remain unsure that our representatives have actually read all of it. I have not read the bill in it’s entirety (good thing I’m not your representative), but I have been alerted to a huge change […]

They Call It Population Stabilization

I ran across this video today and it has me frothing at the mouth.

Here is the Board of Directors:

Diana Hull has created a video too. I really don’t know how to describe her without saying terrible things. Since I’ve been on the receiving end of people saying they detest me, I’m going to choose […]

I Cannot Function With Microsoft: Someone Get Me A Typewriter

I have a stunning new computer that is fast, quiet and hard working. The only thing my computer needs is an operating system.

Oh, and some software.

You see, every time I copy and paste into Microsoft Word (my OS is Vista) it crashes and gives me a DEP message. DEP is Data Execution Protection, execution […]

Happy Birthday @iPhoneGran

It’s my mom’s birthday this week, so yall can send her a little love and support. Right?

Every day my mom takes a picture with her iPhone and posts it to her site. It’s never edited, and reduced by a mere 30%. It think it’s fun to watch my Mom each day.

Naturally on My Mom’s […]

Peter Kinder Shows What Social Media Can Do

This morning there is a hostage situation in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Peter Kinder is the Lt. Governor. He is usingTwitter to alert his constituents to the situation:

And then more information as he had it

and then an authoritative blessing for his constituents

This is the real time value of twitter. It’s essentially acted as a reverse 911 […]