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More Rats? Or Is It A Gottlieb Now?

Mr. G and I were were sitting with Alexander in the family room, which is open to the kitchen, but also has a sliding door (complete with dog door) to the back garden. My boys were playing with the PlayStation and I was trying to understand it. I came dangerously close to caring about it […]

Tech Talk Tuesday: Copyright, Flickr and Photography

It’s really great when you’re a blogger to include photos in your posts. I don’t do it, because I take crummy pictures, my mom takes great pictures, and she posts one almost every day at iPhone Gran. Check it out, you’ll like it. Here’s the issue with photography. It’s simple to go to google or […]

Similac Pamphlet Circa 1970

Look what I just unearthed. Cleaning up is fun.

Free Press And I’m Still A Bitch

Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Babble made a list of the Top 50 Mom Bloggers. I suspect that I’m included because of Momversation, and although I’m really very grateful, you will see that I left a DMCA takedown notice in the comments.

Even though it’s Babble, and even though it’s flattering, it was a picture that […]

PUR And The Serial Do-Gooders Who Work There

I’ve talked briefly about the Summit to the Summit party I attended last week, and I’d promised you more.

Summit on the Summit is a program created by Kenna. Kenna is a Grammy nominated recording artist originally from Ethiopia. A few years ago his father contracted a water borne illness and was deathly ill. Kenna’s […]

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All Moms Are Fallible

I dropped my daughter when she was a baby, twice.
I knew my son needed medical attention, but I didn’t believe it. Twice.
My daughter has a dot tattooed on her neck, where I stabbed her with a pencil. Luckily just once, it was a crossword puzzle accident.
My kids have had enough time alone to cover […]