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Similac Pamphlet Circa 1970

Look what I just unearthed. Cleaning up is fun.

Free Press And I’m Still A Bitch

Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Babble made a list of the Top 50 Mom Bloggers. I suspect that I’m included because of Momversation, and although I’m really very grateful, you will see that I left a DMCA takedown notice in the comments.

Even though it’s Babble, and even though it’s flattering, it was a picture that […]

PUR And The Serial Do-Gooders Who Work There

I’ve talked briefly about the Summit to the Summit party I attended last week, and I’d promised you more.

Summit on the Summit is a program created by Kenna. Kenna is a Grammy nominated recording artist originally from Ethiopia. A few years ago his father contracted a water borne illness and was deathly ill. Kenna’s […]

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All Moms Are Fallible

I dropped my daughter when she was a baby, twice.
I knew my son needed medical attention, but I didn’t believe it. Twice.
My daughter has a dot tattooed on her neck, where I stabbed her with a pencil. Luckily just once, it was a crossword puzzle accident.
My kids have had enough time alone to cover […]

We Are All On Vacation

Yesterday was the kids’ last day of school. I played tennis in the morning and my tennis partner’s tree was full of oranges. The kids are heading over there today to pick the oranges. Maybe we’ll make orange marmalade?

I have a post for y’all that been in draft for five days. Please get used […]

I Have Nothing To Add

This is perfect, just as it is.