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Check it out at licensed music, free, online.

I’m not sure that it’s a business model that’s good for musicians, but business and art aren’t often a marriage.

It’s an incredible start up, you can play music straight from your browser, so it doesn’t take up precious space on your hard drive. With over 6 […]

I Taught My Kids To Talk Back

What about you?

I Love My Family, I Love My Family, I Love My Family,I Love My Family

Sometimes we need a mantra. I love my family is what I say to myself when I’m standing (hunched over really) in the attic at 8.45 in the evening.

How do I find myself in the attic? Well, my dear sweet husband came home at 7 and promptly flicked on the heater in an already […]

3 Out Of 4 Gottliebs Have the H1N1 Vaccine

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Today I got a glimpse of State Run Healthcare.

It was horrifying.

The Rollercoaster

Eleven years ago I became a mother. I got exactly 43 seconds today to sit and contemplate that feat.

Woke kids up, gave Jane gifts. An LG Neon slider phone that her uber hipster aunt also happens to have, from Mom and Dad and a copy of New Moon from her brother Alexander. Both gifts […]

Twitter: Tech Talk Tuesday

Last week Jeff Pulver was nice enough to give me the stage at his 140 Conference (again) here’s my take on monetizing your twitter stream. A huge thank you to Real Player, I adore a company that supports my community, and providing video for all of us is incredibly generous.

The companies I mention in […]