A Comic Book Burning

Alexander was reading comics on the sofa and asked me, “Mom, what is SCI-fall-us?” “I don’t know honey, do you want to show me the word, maybe you’re not pronouncing it right?” He brought me his Simpson’s Comic Book, and there it was plain as day SYPHILIS. “You pronounce it syphilis and it’s a disease your penis gets, but it only happens to adults.” I said. “Oh, that is funny.” and then he returned to the sofa and continued reading.

I Am Difficult

I work with a few ad networks, and one of them had a quick phone call with me today. They said, “we hear you like to keep a lot of control over who your advertisers are.” “Yes, ” I said, “I like to make sure that there’s nothing wildly off topic, like WalMart or processed foods. I’m difficult…” I said. “So I heard.” They involuntarily replied.

Middle School

Jane burst in the front door this afternoon, her hair was damp from the swim party, her cheeks red, her jeans skinny and eyes huge. “Mom I have Mrs. Lodge for my mentor teacher and my locker is on the bottom but it’s under a new boy and I tried for thirty minutes to open my locker and I only got it open two times but the new boy promised me that he’d help me open my locker and I’m in advanced Spanish and I’m scared of SeƱora and I …

Six Tips For Brand Managers Who Might Be Afraid Of Bloggers

Recently I wrote a post that outlined the Five Simple Steps to Bringing a Brand to their (Virtual) Knees. I can’t offer you a problem without a solution. Brands really don’t need to be afraid of bloggers, they just need to think like them (a little bit) so here are six tips for brand managers. Please feel free to add more in the comments if you think I’ve left something out. 1. Build Social Capital early and often: The best way to make sure you never have a big problem …

Five Simple Steps To Bringing A Brand To Their (Virtual) Knees

Yesterday my husband left work early and we were chatting about the rise of the Internet Alpha Mom, and I said to him, “Just you wait, something will happen this weekend. The Moms will be working.” And they were. Now, I’m not certain that the Mom Bloggers were consciously thinking I’ll get them, but I do realize that a long weekend is the perfect time to rally the troops. I’m not suggesting that Mom Bloggers (or any sort of blogger for that matter) should take their hard earned social capital …