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Holding Hands

I may be repeating myself, but there’s magic in hand holding.

When I’m walking with the kids and we approach a crosswalk, crowd or parking lot I put my hands down by my sides, slightly behind me and I wiggle my fingers. Within a moment both kids will slip their fingers into mine.

The world stops […]

I’m Not Asking Disneyland To Say The Motzi

Mom Bloggers and Disneyland have a complicated relationship. It’s no secret that many Mom Bloggers are in it for the swag, the review items, the trips. The days at Disneyland. I am not. I promise you, I don’t want your tchotche, I don’t want a trip with a publicist, I want a trip with my […]

My Kid Lost A Bet

This morning Jane came downstairs in a skirt. Her school uniform is pants, shorts or skirts. Every year I buy a few skirts, and every year they sit unused.

I was shocked to see her in a skirt this morning.

“Jane,” I asked, “why are you wearing a skirt?”

“I lost a bet.” She deadpanned.

I know better […]

Disneyland Is Not For Jewish Mommy Bloggers

Read about Ciaran’s experience at Disneyland. Here are some excerpts:

Hours went by as we made our way through the rest of the park, expecting at any moment to discover a nook or a cranny with a decorated dreidel. Underwater by Nemo? On Autotopia? Someplace in Tomorrowland? Alas, we spied nothing. Not until we were […]

Lisa Ashley Eyecream and LA Girlfriend Tween Skincare Review

Recently I was with my friend Joanne and we were watching The Househusbands of Hollywood. Joanne’s friend Lisa is one of the moms on the show and Lisa has a skincare line that Joanne has been raving about.

I called Lisa and asked her if she had samples I could try, she was super sweet […]

Some Days Are Easy Some Days You Grow

I’ve been to a few events recently, and they haven’t been seamless.

There have been two men at events that have one thing in common. They hated me. I met them, we shook hands (oh eww germs) and then they proceeded to insult me. I had everything from eye rolling to “why do you live […]