An Angry Waxer

I had a wax today, and she was angry. The waxing hurt too. She grimaced at me, saying she didn’t have all day. “Drop trou, and put your feet on this end,” was how it began. Then she told me about her sister who feeds her four children fast food every day, and has neither

Blogging IRL

Being a blogger is weird. I don’t call myself anything other than a Mommy Blogger. I’m not a social media consultant, I’m not a social media expert, an explorer or a writer. I’m a Mommy Blogger. I’m a Mommy with a Blog, and frankly the blog could go on any given day. The Mommy part,


Really? It’s 2010? I’m exhausted from last night’s party, but not too tired to go to tonight’s chili party. It’s been a glorious year, and I look forward to another wonderful year with all of you. Recently Babble named the top 50 Mom Bloggers, Take a look at the other 49, they’ll probably have resolutions

Husband Tennis

Today I got to play the best of all possible games. Husband tennis. Husband Tennis is when I get to play tennis against my husband. He is stronger, faster, and taller than I. In a real match I’d never stand a chance. When one plays Husband Tennis you get to hit the ball as hard