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Did Anyone At Deca Get A Picture Of The Cupcakes?

Last night I went to a super fun party at Lucky Strike. Deca had their holiday party and can I just tell you that is a good looking group.

Anytime I’m with Rebecca I’m happy, Katie and Gina are great and I met some new folks too. Katie was telling me that she was there […]

Apple to buy Customers to Cry

I’m so bummed. I love it’s such a great alternative to itunes. Who doesn’t love a ten cent song?

Now Apple, the company that doesnt’ believe in 24 hour customer service will own it. I’m sure the UI will improve, but the soul will sink.

What do you think. Are you disappointed to see them […]

If You Love ‘em Put A Sling On ‘em

I am absolutely in love with this video. Watch all the way through, the ending is terrific.

Also, Motrin, if you’re looking for a new creative director you might want to see if Leigh is available, you know, freelance and all.

Hanukkah Lists

Here’s the deal. Mom, Dad, Brother… y’all keep emailing me asking what the kids want, and the reality is that there’s very little they’re itching for. We have a list, it’s short. I’m publishing it here and then when you decide you want to buy them something let everyone else know please. I don’t […]


Yoga was weird, too many Ohms and really dirty blocks and blankets. Probably I’m more Pilates than Yoga.

I picked the kids up from school today and Alexander put his arm around my waist. In public. In front of his friends. His head hit my side and we walked together to the car.

I win.

Rainy Monday

I’ve got a lovely day ahead of me. Yoga, lunch with a good friend, housekeeping, cooking and decorating for Hanukkah.

It’s just the rain. I’ve got no idea what to do with kids in the rain.You know, after the homework is finished.