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We Are All On Vacation

Yesterday was the kids’ last day of school. I played tennis in the morning and my tennis partner’s tree was full of oranges. The kids are heading over there today to pick the oranges. Maybe we’ll make orange marmalade?

I have a post for y’all that been in draft for five days. Please get used […]

I Have Nothing To Add

This is perfect, just as it is.

Changing Doctors

When I was pregnant with Jane we interviewed pediatricians. While sitting in one of the offices I felt a little familiar with the pediatrician. I couldn’t quite place the face, but then he and I both realized that I had been his patient many years ago.

From my daughter’s birth in 1998, through 2005 My […]

Stephen Was Late So Jane Gets A Bat Mitzvah

Saturday afternoon I got a series of messages from Stephen Johnson, he was in Los Angeles overnight (flight was canceled), and did I want to meet up?

Yes, of course! I have a complete and utter girl crush on his wife Nanette, and I’ve been lucky enough to follow her around the interwebs for the […]

Domestic Violence: Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods is a golfer. Yes, he’s a brand spokesperson, and in many ways a celebrity, but Tiger Woods is still just a golfer.

Tiger was on the Mike Douglas Show, showing off his golf swing when he was a two year old. When my children were two they were shitting their pants. Literally.

Tiger Woods […]

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My daughter bought me earrings with giant rhinestones that hurt my ears, but I love wearing them anyhow. My son bought me a picture frame. I will put a picture of him in in shortly. My husband got a pen and a clock shaped like a movie camera. They are good kids, they take […]