Doppelganger Week

According to my friend Michelle, you’re supposed to change your Facebook avatar to your doppelganger this week. That would be super easy if I’d known what a doppelganger is. Shut up, you had to google it too! A few weeks ago my husband’s friend Joey called, he said he’d seen The Tooth Fairy and that


This morning started slow. Jane slept out at a friend’s house and Alexander just wanted to wake up and watch cartoons, it was a fine day. I ran a few errands, we dropped Alexander off with the neighbor and Mr. G. and I ran off to Beverly Hills Porsche to test drive a Mercedes they’d

I’ve Got Mail

Today I went to my PO Box to retrieve my mail, and there was a certified letter. I thought the same thing everyone does, “Who is suing me?” I held the letter up to the light. I was ThisClose to refusing it. Then I remembered that were I being sued, a sheriff would just show