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She Smelled Like Urine and We Ate Slow Roasted Goat In Silence

One of my great pleasures as a housewife is lunch. Lunch is a silent affair eaten off my Grandmother’s Rosenthal China if I’m home, or if I go out it’s typically to an ethnic restaurant where the tab is $10 or less, the sanitation may be questionable, and the food is authentic.

Last week I […]

A Very Real Request

If you have been married two or more years and you are willing to have sex with your husband five days a week, and then answer a few questions for me each week please email me.

I am at

Please, no husbands volunteering their wives, please no singles and no, I will not ask you […]

Twitter Twouble

Y’all keep asking me what twitter is.

Skiing and Living With Neither Fear Nor Helmets

Today there is finger wagging. Natasha Richardson should have gone to the hospital/worn a helmet/stayed at home/wrapped herself in bubble wrap. Today ski helmet sales are soaring, and well intentioned mothers are swaddling their tweens in bubble wrap, lest they tumble and fall. Helmet manufacturers are salivating, but they can’t market to you or […]

Green Options Girl Scouts and Junk Food

Go check me out at Green Options today.

Keep it nice.

The Day She Tossed Derek Markham Under The Bus For Problogger

Check out my inbox. It’s like a nerd social media squeeeeeeeee He likes me. Darren Rowse likes me! Problogger is my facebook friend and he Likaholix me me me. It’s almost like printing…. nothing really.