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Karen Greenberg You Are Going To The Finale Of The Biggest Loser On May 12th


The Day I Held The Pep Boys Manager Hostage In My Car

About eight years ago I was pregnant with Alexander and Jane was two. I was 30 years old, caring for a toddler, basically a happy woman, but I could smell everything. My heightened sense of smell left me a little grumbly. I had a Ford Explorer at the time, and it needed some sort of […]

@iPhoneGran Snaps Covert Pictures At Costco

By all accounts this is not a young woman

My Next Post? You decide

Which one will it be.

A. The time I kept the Pep Boys Manager trapped in my car

B. The real story behind ______’s pregnancy.

Friday Confession: I Kicked My Family Out

Several years ago I was in the shower, shampoo in my hair and Alexander (who admittedly had a small vocabulary at the time) opened the shower door and said, “Ya gotta make me breakfast!”

I remember being nice to him with my words, but inside my head I was thinking The Fuck I Do!

A few […]