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Why I Magpie: Tech Talk Tuesday

Back in November of 2008 there was a new kid on the block. Magpie. Magpie is a start up out of Germany wherein advertisements are placed in a twitterers stream.

At first there was an “I hate Magpie” uproar. Magpie would take away from the authenticity of Twitter. There are still folks who say they […]

A Funny Thing Happened at Costco

I was waiting in line to return a swimsuit that Jane didn’t like and out of the blue Katherine hugs me.

Katherine is a mom I haven’t seen in about three years, our girls went to nursery school together.

“Oh Jessica,” She said, “How are you?”

“Great, and you?” I replied, “How are you kids?” She had […]

DirecTv Releases their iPhone App

If you’re as addicted to your DVR as I am,then you’ll be the first to get this iPhone App for DirecTv.

You can get it at the App store at midnight tonight (or so I hear).

Sears Winter Clearance: On Your Marks, Get Set, SAVE 80%

Last week I was headed out to another Tech Party here in town, and I wanted needed a dress. I wanted a little pick-me-up, some color even.

If you follow me on Whrrl, you already know that I left Sears with a fabulous June Cleaver-esque cocktail dress (with a small dash of sexy built […]

Friday Confessions

You know those indoor playgrounds?

When Alexander was crawling and Jane was three and a half, I’d bring them there, curl up in a corner and go to sleep. Sometimes I’d wake myself up from snoring so deeply.

It it still the best money I’ve ever spent.


LA Tech Scene: We Have The Hottest Nerds In the World

I almost can’t write today, my liver is in a state of rebellion, my eyes are glassy and my brain is fried. However, I’ll sit here for a moment and give you a quick recap of Digital LA, where the nerds are beautiful. The plan was for me to carpool with Kim Prince and meet […]