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Tech Talk Tuesday: Social Media Los Angeles #smcla

Check out Social Media Club’s recap post. 

There was a very interesting conversation that happened at the last meeting.

My take? 

Frankel sees the value of Social Media but adds a pinch of old school. He wants to see ROI from bloggers.

Cisco empowers their evangelists but delights in the fact that they don’t have to pay them. […]

Walmart Goes Green: iPhone Gran Is A Real Joker

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Television, Emmy Awards, Social Media and Housewives

Quick hit today.

Read Eric McCormack’s letter to Emmy magazine (the magazine for Emmy members).
I’m still in shock from seeing your latest cover [Issue #1, 2009]. The Real Housewives of NYC? On emmy magazine? Really?
Usually when I pass my Emmy on the mantle, it gives me a warm feeling, makes me think about what I’ve […]

A Terrible Way To Make A Living: Blogging Is For Idiots

Blogging is for idiots.

There are two ways to blog.  You can write with your most authentic voice. It might be raw and it could abuse the English language, or you can write a stylized corporate blog.

A stylized corporate blog is dull, and you, the writer, are totally replaceable. It’s without risk, and I’m unclear […]

@iPhoneGran’s Naughty Picture of the Day

Every day my mother takes a picture with her iPhone camera and emails it to me. I post the pictures here, they are never edited, but they are reduced to 70% of the original size.
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@iPhoneGran Picture of the day

Every day my mother takes a picture with her iPhone and emails it to me. She’s supposed to be taking a walk (so I don’t have to take care of her when she breaks a hip) but today she’s a little snarky. Enjoy.