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I Can’t Really Tell You Why Mommy Bloggers Are Special

Every society has their secrets. My husband gathers with the guys to play poker and talk business, my daughter leaves notes in trees for the elves and faeries and my son will soon develop his own private moments. Moms have them too. Sometimes we’re loud and jolly, we guffaw and slap our hands on the […]

Television, Emmy Awards, Social Media and Housewives

Quick hit today.

Read Eric McCormack’s letter to Emmy magazine (the magazine for Emmy members).
I’m still in shock from seeing your latest cover [Issue #1, 2009]. The Real Housewives of NYC? On emmy magazine? Really?
Usually when I pass my Emmy on the mantle, it gives me a warm feeling, makes me think about what I’ve […]

A Terrible Way To Make A Living: Blogging Is For Idiots

Blogging is for idiots.

There are two ways to blog.  You can write with your most authentic voice. It might be raw and it could abuse the English language, or you can write a stylized corporate blog.

A stylized corporate blog is dull, and you, the writer, are totally replaceable. It’s without risk, and I’m unclear […]

A Big Announcement: I’m One of 11 Moms

I want to thank Wal-Mart for allowing me the opportunity to write with them. I am pleased to report that I am now officially one of Eleven Moms. In future posts I’ll have the opportunity to share money saving tips with you, great products and exclusive discounts. As you know Wal-Mart is all about building […]

Why I Magpie: Tech Talk Tuesday

Back in November of 2008 there was a new kid on the block. Magpie. Magpie is a start up out of Germany wherein advertisements are placed in a twitterers stream.

At first there was an “I hate Magpie” uproar. Magpie would take away from the authenticity of Twitter. There are still folks who say they […]

A Funny Thing Happened at Costco

I was waiting in line to return a swimsuit that Jane didn’t like and out of the blue Katherine hugs me.

Katherine is a mom I haven’t seen in about three years, our girls went to nursery school together.

“Oh Jessica,” She said, “How are you?”

“Great, and you?” I replied, “How are you kids?” She had […]